Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday. And an almost anniversary.

Whoo! What a day! Definitely not in a bad way at all...just very busy. It's hit the annual "busy season" for my team {which will go until about mid-December} so I apologize now for my lack of creativity in blog posting until then.

Anywho, I have a precious, precious husband. I get the following e-mail from him today:

"Happy anniversary, boo! [Yes, we call each other "boo." Yes, we're white.]
11 months ago today, you made me a very happy man."

How cute is that!? I was so busy that I didn't even notice that in one month from today, we'll be married for one year! (We never celebrate month anniversaries...and Brandon is terrible at remembering this was extra sweet!)

Nearly one year ago today...

{This is a picture of a picture I took a while ago. Sadly, I have no actual wedding photos on my phone!}

...we got married!!!

I love my "boo."

Now it's time to get my butt outta here and go home for a nice 'ol glass of vino.

Happy Weekending!

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