Thursday, September 22, 2011

Favorite Fall Shows.

Our DVR is blowing up right now. I love fall TV. Love, love, love it. No more Bachelor Pad for this household! We're watching about a show a night and are planning to watch our "leftovers" this weekend. :)

Here's what we're watching right now.
{And by we, I mean me and sometimes Brandon}:

Charlie Sheen's drama was the best thing that happened to this show.
AND how in the world did I not put two and two together that Jon Cryer was Ducky!?

{Just call us 65 years old}

{Starts tonight! Woo!}

We just started watching this last night and it is hilarious! Probably my new favorite show.

{I know, I know. But it really is good!}

{We miss you, Elliot!}

And, I can't wait to watch:

and Pan Am

I love all these Mad Men-esque shows that are coming out!

{Photos via Google}

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