Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I have a love/hate relationship with Wednesday.

Don't get me wrong. I'm so happy that it's the middle of the week. But Wednesday is such a tease. I can just imagine Wednesday saying, "Haha. You still have two more days to go...suckerrrrrr." Who invented a five-day work week anyway?

Anyway, blogging about some happies make Wednesdays even better. So, to quote Gus Portokalos from My Big Fat Greek Wedding:

I'm loving this dress from LOFT.
{In fact, I have it on today.}

Y'all know my obsession with LOFT. But seriously, this dress is so comfy and is a great dress for work in the summer. It's a casual jersey fabric, but the ribbon dresses it up just a bit. Paired with black peep-toe flats (with a bow) and I'm good to go!

I love coffee. Love, love, love it. Honestly don't know why I didn't drink it in college. (Diet Coke was my crack drink of choice back then.) But now that I drink it, I am pretty picky about my coffee creamer. Why, you ask? Because I have about 60 percent coffee and 40 percent creamer in my coffee. Brandon always says to me, "Would you like some coffee to go with that creamer?" Haha, shut up.

Anyway, my parents have a Keurig, so I used their Breakfast Blend K-Cup and poured some of this lovely creamer in it when I was at their house this weekend.

One word: obsessed.

It is seriously a drink that tastes like those evil cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon. You know, those ones that you would get at the mall when you were 13 and didn't have to worry about calories or the entire cinnamon roll going to your thighs? Yeah, those. That's what this tastes like. In a cup. At 7 a.m.

Buy it.

Pinterest. Again.

Seriously, I have a problem. My friend from work said, "I should have a billing code for Pinterest." No joke.

I love this little "love map" so much that I think I'm going to make it this weekend.

A cheap map, a heart cookie cutter, some matting and a frame and we're in business!

And clearly I have an obsession with monograms.
{You go from having a last name that starts with 'O' = boring monogram to a last name that starts with a 'W' = pretty monogram and you'd be obsessed, too!}

I saw this on Pinterest the other day and decided that I needed it. Immediately.

How cute is that!?

I'm constantly searching for something that I can hang on my door year-round (save for fall, Christmas, Valentine's Day and Easter because I already have something for the door) that isn't a wreath. I'm not a huge fan of wreathes, so this satisfies my aversion to the sometimes-over-the-top wreathes that are available for purchase.

Happy {Tease Day} Wednesday!

{Photos via LOFT, Google and Pinterest}

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  1. I love the map thing! except the "we live" section would be changing all the time for us :) I might do it anyway and just leave that section able to be switched out.


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