Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

I hope you're all staying cool today. It's supposed to be 111* here in Dallas today, and we've already received an e-mail from la jefa {the boss lady} about conserving energy, as Dallas has already experienced rolling blackouts (or is it brownouts?) and the news is warning that they may continue. Sigh. When is fall again?

Anyway, here's what I'm loving today:

Lauren Conrad's LA Candy Book

I know, I know. The book is clearly about her, but it's a little guilty pleasure and an easy read. And the Borders near us is going out of business, so it was $3. I figured that was acceptable to buy this book. Heck, probably cost less than my library late fees!


Per my posts here and here, I have caught the DIY bug. I completely blame Pinterest.

This is the newest idea, which I think is so unique and fun for the "crap" that lands on the counter: bills, grocery lists, to-do's, etc. Just a frame and some chicken wire and we're in business!

I have this problem. I am addicted to shampoo, and I firmly believe that if I don't switch it up now and then that my hair will stop working well and become "immune" to the shampoo.

Enter this shampoo.

If you have fine, limp hair, this is the shampoo for you. Yes, it's expensive. But it smells so, so good and leaves my hair volumized and soft. I refuse to let Brandon use it in the shower. He is banished to his Pert Plus. :)

I'm taking a half day on Friday!

For safety reasons, I'm not going to divulge why, when or where, but it's going to be a fun weekend and I'll give a full report on Sunday. :)

And lastly, I'm loving this giveaway that Hillary over at a gal and her dog is having right now. Gorgeous earrings, a letterpress print and a Target gift card? Yes, please! Go enter!

{Photos via Google, Pinterest and We Heart It}


  1. Long weekends are the best. My friend and I actually went to Lauren Conrad's book signing for that book. Have a great week and thanks for the link!

  2. that shampoo is now on my shopping list because fine and thin describe my hair to a T! add in unruly and you've got the trifecta :)