Sunday, August 21, 2011


Ah, Sunday. You're already here! How does this always happen so quickly? 

Our weekend was full of doing exactly what we needed: relaxing. And I'm sure these "weekend wrap-up" posts aren't exactly riveting for y'all to read, but it's fun for me to go back and see what we did, etc. 

Brandon got off work early, so he picked up a movie and a bottle of wine before I got home. I made tacos, and we started watching the movie he picked out: Cedar Rapids

Y'all. That is the absolute worst movie we have seen in our lives. It was dark, stupid and dirty. After 30 minutes of torturing ourselves, Brandon went back to Tom Thumb to pick up another (yes, another) bottle of wine and Rio, which, by the way, was precious and I just loved Will.I.Am voicing the movie.

And if you've seen it, you know why I am currently singing in my head, "Take it, take it to 'da floor; show her, show her how you roll; drop it drop it drop it low..." 

We couldn't really sleep in {darn you, vino!} so we were up before 8:30 a.m. I picked up around the house and got everything ready for my friend Laura to arrive. 

Before she got here, I had to go get my nails done. (Remember how nasty they looked on Friday?) Well, my go-to nail salon was uber-packed, so I had to go to a new place, and instead of sitting in those spa chairs, you sit in recliners and they massage your feet and legs with hot rocks. Very interesting...
I decided to change things up and get Essie's "Cute as a Button." I love it!

After the nail place, Brandon went to Tom Thumb with me, and while there he decided that then was a good time to get our flu shots. Call me an old lady, but I'll be damned if I am down and out for seven days again with the dreaded flu!!! That was the absolute worst week of my {and Brandon's} life and I refuse to go through that again. Dallas peeps: if you get your flu shot at Tom Thumb's pharmacy, you get 10 percent off your groceries! We saved $21 with the 10% off coupon they gave us! 

Later that afternoon, Brandon gardened a bit for me {our poor plants are just frying in this heat} and even went out and bought aloe vera and agave plants to fill the pot that used to house my pretty hydrangeas that just couldn't make it through this hot summer. I'm so excited he likes to do things with our plants...because I have a major black thumb.

Laura finally came over {I was anxious to see her all day!} and we braved Texas Tax-Free Weekend and hit up NorthPark

Y'all. I told Laura she better know how much I love her because NorthPark was cuh-razy. If you know NorthPark, people were parked in the grass next to the parking lots and parking garages because everything was so packed. After stalking some people, we finally found a parking spot and ventured inside to the brand new H&M --the only one in Texas -- and it was insane. 

Check out the line we waited in: 

It was like a club! When people came out, people got to go in. Our line was only about a 5-minute wait, thankfully. 

Side note:
Laura and I have a special place in our hearts for H&M because that's the store we basically went broke in when we were studying abroad in London. And so we pretty much did the same thing here; among other things, I bought the below dress:

{Please excuse our un-made bed.}

Later that night, Brandon and I both got hour and a half massages!!! He really does spoil me. It was wonderful and so needed. The poor masseuse was like, "Um, yeah, your shoulders are terrible.

My little sister was baptized today! Brandon and I are so proud of her and are excited that my grandfather got to come in from Mexico to baptize her. 
{My grandfather is a pastor at an English-speaking Baptist church in Mexico City.} 

Brandon and I went to Sunday School this morning and then came home and ate some leftovers. 

And what's a weekend without Pinterest crafts?! I decided to make a burlap table runner after seeing this as inspiration. 

It doesn't look exactly the same, but I love it nonetheless! 

After it was made, before setting up the table: 

With the table set: 

And up close: 

Would you be shocked if I told you it's done by folding and stapling in the folds? I won't tell if you won't. 

If you've made it this far, I applaud you! :) I'm going to get back to my next craft...something that will look a little like this

Happy Sunday. 

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