Sunday, August 14, 2011


Something miraculous happened this weekend. Something that hasn't happened in more than a month in Dallas.

It rained.

Real rain. Like, the ground is wet rain. From 4 a.m. to 9 a.m. on Saturday. I woke up like a kid at Christmas expecting snow and may or may not have shouted, "IT RAINED!!!"

Other than celebrate the rain, here's what we did this weekend:

We headed over to my in-law's to celebrate my brother-in-law's 21st birthday. Unfortunately, he decided not to show up for his own birthday dinner, so my in-law's, brother- and sister-in-law, Brandon and I ate his birthday dinner without him. So sad. 

Dinner was really good, however! My mother-in-law made a pot roast with potatoes and carrots, salad, rolls, fruit and a homemade banana pudding for dessert. After dinner, we all sat around talking and sipping "homemade" sangria and wine. 

Brandon, his older brother and his Dad went to play golf, so his mom and I went to see an 11:30 a.m. screening of The Help. Y'all, that is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time and I'll gladly go see it again!!! I laughed, cried, cheered and booed. Not kidding, the movie brings out every emotion you have, much like the book. If you haven't seen it, please do. It's amazing. Oscar-worthy for sure. 

After the movie {which was full at 11:30 a.m., by the way!} we did a little shopping. I needed to run by Jo Ann's to pick up some fabric, and then we stopped into Tuesday Morning

Check out these precious accent pillows I got for our couch! They even had the set, which is rare for Tuesday Morning. I was so excited and scooped them both up immediately.

After some retail therapy, my mother-in-law and I came home and just chatted over and cheese, crackers and hummus. The boys came home not long after that, and we all just sat around relaxing. 

It had been cloudy all day, but that evening, the clouds parted and the sun began peeking through their blinds, which made me think: "After the rain, surely comes the sunshine."

Brandon and I came home Saturday evening and I, of course, did some rearranging in the guest bedroom. My mother-in-law gave my sister-in-law and I each the lamp you see in the picture below, and I decided to add it to the guest bedroom. It's honestly amazing what a little lamp and some pictures will do to a space!

...and then, I began my craft. 
I'll be honest and say that this one wasn't all that easy, and burlap is hard to work with. But once I got started, I couldn't stop. A little Tacky Glue, staples and burlap later, I had my tray! 

Doesn't quite look like the version on Pinterest, but it's close enough, right? 

It looks so cute on our front door. 

And since I have loads of burlap left, I think this will be my next project. Or perhaps this.

I'll go right out and say it: we skipped church this morning. After the drama with the brother-in-law this weekend {I didn't mention how late everyone stayed up dealing with it and talking about it} we just needed to sleep late and sleep in our own beds. So that we did. 

I did a lot of cleaning when we woke up: three loads of laundry, washed the sheets and put them back on the bed, vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the bathrooms, dusted and unloaded the dishwasher; and Brandon did some selling on eBay. We grabbed tacos at Desperado's for lunch and then I dragged Brandon to the grocery store with me, which was quite humorous, by the way. Poor thing looked a little lost, but since we have a ridiculously nice Tom Thumb, he got cozy in the magazines/books area, and came home with The Confession

We've spent the afternoon watching HGTV, Legally Blonde and Cheaper by the Dozen on TV. It's been a nice for me dropping and breaking my favorite glass pitcher, which resulted in me on my hands and knees in the kitchen cleaning up shards of glass...but that's life, right?

Hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday! Brandon is reading his book, the TV is off and I'm on the couch. I'm excited to enjoy the quiet. :)


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