Sunday, August 7, 2011


Happy Sunday! I hope y'all had a lovely weekend!

Brandon went fishing on the White River in Norfork, Arkansas this weekend with my Dad, brothers, cousins and I went home for a girls weekend with my Mom, sister and aunt. 

While it was fun being girly, I'm anxiously awaiting my hubs to walk in the door. I haven't seen him since Thursday, so it will be fun to catch up. 

I took a half day at work and sped down I-45 and made it just in time to go swimming with the girls. We had so much fun chatting, swimming and sipping my Mom's homemade sangria (recipe below). After we swam, we cleaned up and had supper together; my Mom made a roast, potatoes, carrots, a salad and lemon bars. Oh, my mouth is watering just thinking about it! After that it was HGTV on the couch. And I may or may not have fallen asleep during our 5,000th episode of House Hunters International

My sister woke me up early, so we got a head start on our day. My Mom and aunt drove to my great-grandparents' to help them a bit, so Maggie and I stayed home and spent some time together. We went to an early lunch with our Nana, and then I treated her to some ice cream from Livingston's local ice cream shop. 

{I must say, that ice cream is pretty darn good.}

After our ice cream, we went to one of our local antique stores. I was on the hunt for a round silver (or silver plate) tray to do this with. 

Again with the DIY!

Maggie got a pink Eiffel Tower (ha!) and as we were walking out, look what I found: 

Sure, it was a little tarnished, but nothing a little silver polish couldn't fix! 

I'm so excited to do this craft. 

After the antique store, we hit up CVS, and then went home for a little nap on the couch. So wonderful! My Mom and aunt got home and we had dinner (homemade tomato basil pizza, mmm) and watched more HGTV. :)

Today we went to church and then came home for leftovers. I left pretty quickly because I had a lot to do before Brandon got home! 

This is my view driving across Lake Livingston. Gorgeous, right?

I made it home, unpacked, went to the grocery store and am now anxiously awaiting Brandon to walk in the door. :)

Can't wait to catch up on my blogs! 

Oh, and here's the {easy, peasy} sangria recipe:

1 bottle sweet red wine (It will say "Sweet Red" on the bottle)
1 bottle Blood Orange Italian Soda (I use the "O Organics" brand)

1. Fill a stemless wine glass with ice.
2. Pour half sweet red wine and half blood orange Italian Soda into the glass.
3. Mix with a spoon and enjoy! 


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