Thursday, August 18, 2011

Turn that Frown Upside Down

I love this guy. LOVE him. {And I'm sure I'm a little biased, but who cares?}

I was not having a good day today. I woke up tired, ready for Friday and just annoyed at the world.

But he knows how to make it better, and how to make me laugh.

This guy? Had jury duty today. Which, by the way, is right across the street from my office.

He was dismissed a bit before 11 a.m., so he came to my office and sat and read his book until I deemed it an "appropriate" time to have lunch.

{11:15 a.m. for an early lunch, if you're wondering.}

And so we lunched. Together. Right across the street from my office at Wild Salsa.

And as simple a gesture as that was, it made me feel 10,00 times better. It broke up my day and allowed me to just breathe and realize that everything will be okay. Nerdy as it is, I just love seeing him and spending time with him.

Isn't it funny how that one person can make you feel like everything's just going to be okay? {Insert Meredith Grey quote about Christina being her "person."}

And can I tell you something else? He is my best friend. I know you're really not supposed to throw out "best friend" because one friend gets her feelings hurt and runs away on the playground and takes her Lisa Frank stickers away.

But honestly.

He is my best friend.
{We always quote that stupid line from The Fox & The Hound to each other: "You're my best friend, Todd."}

Before I got engaged/married, I didn't know how you were supposed to be best friends with a boy. They don't get it, they don't understand the girly things, they won't watch Steel Magnolias with you time and time again.

But then I realized it. It's respect, friendship and love. And I love him to pieces.
And really, really enjoy him taking 30 minutes out of his day to have a cheap lunch with me. It meant the world.

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