Tuesday, August 9, 2011

let's get physical, physical...

Enough is enough. Seriously.

Brandon and I both stopped with our working out this summer. It's just too damned hot. Sorry for the language. But when you're approaching 40+ days at over 100 degrees (and no rain!), you're allowed to say it's "too damned hot."

The dog days of summer just got to us, and it felt so much better to walk in the door and park our butts on the couch in the A/C for the remainder of the evening.

But when my pants were getting too snug and I looked in the mirror and saw what I saw, I said it: "Enough is enough."

And we're back on the work out train. We'll be on the beach in T-two months, so it was time.

I started back my yoga yesterday...

...have stopped getting seconds and snacks, and am working on portion control...

...and Brandon and I are starting back our two-mile walk every night.

Can I tell you something? It was so hot last night. We were just walking and my shirt and sports bra were soaked. That's nasty.

But I will tell you this: just from yoga, walking, drinking lots of water, not snacking and not getting seconds for TWO DAYS has already decreased bloating in my face and stomach. It's so weird how the body works!

If you've stopped your workout for the summer, I encourage you to hop back on the workout train with me. I keep telling myself that one hour a day won't kill me, and that's one less hour I spend with technology!!!

Happy Tuesday. I'm off to heat up some leftovers of this.
(So yummy, and so easy. I have to remember to practice portion control.)

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