Sunday, July 10, 2011

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Happy Sunday!

I'm currently cozied up on the couch listening to my husband scream and yell about some women's soccer game on TV. I knew he loved soccer...but women's soccer? Clearly I'm just not a fan of women's sports. Moving on...

I worked from home in the afternoon and was actually really productive! After seeing Blue Eyed Bride's blog and Tweets, I was inspired to re-organize our "Family Documents" binder. 

I'd had a documents binder since I moved to Dallas, but since my household grew +1, so did all our documents! I finally organized it (with tabs and clear page protector sheets, no less!) and now it houses important things like copies of our marriage license, insurance documents, ring appraisals and even "how-to's" for our "important" appliances and furniture (hence the "Manger" headboard how-to you see here). I love organization! 

Brandon had his big review Friday, so I picked up some Society Bakery cupcakes and a cute card to surprise him. {Society Bakery cupcakes is how he proposed to me, so it's a special place for us.} 

Yep, we ate these all in a day. Don't judge us. 

PS: Aren't they pretty? The cupcakes are amazing, but the presentation is just as good!

We grilled out with Bethenny's barbeque chicken (so yum!)

This is Brandon telling me to "hurry up and take the picture." Love him. 

We watched Source Code over some wine that my mother-in-law's best friend and her husband make themselves. Not kidding. Sooo wish we could do that! It is the best merlot ever, and I typically don't like merlot. (Thanks, Mrs. Joyce and Mr. Tommy!) We got in bed and watched a bit of TV and were light's out around 11 p.m. I love lazy Friday nights!

Brandon went to shoot guns with his brother and our soon-to-be cousin-in-law. While he did that, I got a manicure and pedicure, and then went to the grocery store. 

I was daring this time and did blue toes. I actually like it! 

{Side story: I texted this picture to my mom and said, "I did blue toes! Daring!" She texted me back with a picture of her blue toes (that were a darker blue than mine) and said, "Girl please! THIS is some blue!" I love that we both got blue toes, and I love modern technology!} 

And since I did blue on my toes, I wanted a softer, more subtle color on my nails. So I did a really soft pink and got glitter on them. :) I really like them! What do you think?

As I was under the "toe dryer," I started to reconsider my blue toes. Would people at work think it was kind of weird? Would Brandon like it? Well, I picked up People Style Watch, and look what was in there! "Ocean Blues," including blue nail polish. Small world. (By the way, Brandon loved the blue.) 

We were starving by the time we both got home, so we went to our favorite hole in the wall Mexican restaurant, Desperados, for their famous "Desperados Tacos" and a margarita. (Well, I got the sangria, but you catch my drift.) If you're ever in Dallas, go here! You'll love it. 

After that heavy meal, I took a big, huge nap. Gosh, I forget how amazing naps are. Why did I hate them so much as a kid? I woke up an hour later and we went to see Transformers 3 on IMAX 3-D. The movie was so good and I loved the IMAX! I hadn't been to one since I was a kid on a field trip to Houston Museum of Natural Science

Today we went to Sunday School, where the lesson was "When, If Ever, To Have Kids." Wow. They talked about so many things I had never even thought about and challenged us to sit down and actually have a conversation about it. The main point they made was to make time for yourselves when, if ever, you decide to have children. Why? Because when those kids leave, it will no longer be about the will be about you two and your marriage. That's why you see so much divorce between older people who have been married for so long! For most of them, it was that they forgot what it was like to be with each other and made it all about their children. Very interesting lesson today! 

We grabbed Sonic for lunch and are now being totally lazy. I love it. :)

I hope y'all had a great weekend! 

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