Thursday, July 7, 2011

Inner Nerd.

The inner history nerd came out in me last night as I watched The History Channel's special, "Rare Home Videos of the Kennedys" or something to that effect.

I sat, mesmerized, on the couch during the two-hour special and could barely tear myself away to the bedroom, where Brandon "sentenced" me while he watched his DVR'd women's soccer in the living room. (Boring.)

I'm not quite sure why I'm so fascinated with the Kennedy family. After all, I'm a staunch conservative and they were just the opposite. But I think it's the same fascination I had with the Casey Anthony trial: a life was gone too soon and you wonder what "could have been." I think it's also the tragedy, as horribly sad as it was. Also, the money and lavish life, the numerous homes and the rise to power.

I'll never fully understand why I'm so mesmerized with them and crave knowledge about them; perhaps it started with my visit to the White House when I was a little girl, and my grandparents gifted me with a book about the First Ladies of the United States. Maybe it was because he died in Texas, and I have insane love for my state and couldn't believe someone from here would commit such a heinous crime. Or maybe, perhaps, it really was the wonderment of the family and the question: "What could have been?"

Either way, the show was fascinating and I urge y'all to watch it if you can.

{Bet you didn't know I loved history, huh?}

Happy Thursday. I'm sleepy today and hoping I make it through the day!

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