Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

I'm hoping this workday goes by quickly, because I am so looking forward to cooking supper and watching a movie with my hubs tonight. Oh, the simple things. :)

Last night, we made a Pinkberry run (because, frankly, when you're eating leftovers, you have to treat yourself!) and I tried their salted caramel yogurt with Heath bar and chocolate shavings, per Kappa Prep's recommendation.

Y'all. It was to die for.

I couldn't even take a good picture because I had basically devoured it by the time we walked in our front door. And can I please mention that Pinkberry is located just 0.9 miles from our house {yes, I Googled that for you}. Sad, isn't it? Now I'm craving it. Dangit.

Happy Weekending!!

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