Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Duchess.

"Being First Lady is the hardest unpaid job in the world."
-Former First Lady Pat Nixon

While I understand the above quote is from a former American First Lady, I have to imagine that while glamorous, being Duchess Catherine is not an easy task, especially considering that the world's eyes are on you, and she's a newlywed--can you imagine being a newlywed and touring Canada three short months later? Not I!

She is currently embarking on her very first visit to the United States with her new husband, the Duke of Cambridge (AKA: Prince William). And she has looked stunning doing it!

I love her hair and dress here. So lovely.

She wore this dress by Catherine Walker (Lady Di's favorite designer) on July 1 -- Diana's birthday. Such a subtle tribute. And she planted a "love tree" in that dress and heels!

Love fern, anyone?

This was BY FAR my most favorite outfit that she wore! I love that she wore {mainly} Canadian designers and also recycled pieces during her trip. She looked stunning here, and this was the dress she wore in her official engagement portrait by Mario Testano.

A little backward here, but this is what she wore to Heathrow to depart for Canada. So professional, and I love that bag.
Side note: I'd hate to be in the public eye because can I tell you how I fly? Nike shorts, long-sleeve tee, Northface jacket and a hat. Done.

I wasn't crazy about this purple Issa dress (she looks so hungry!) but I did love her hair. She traveled with a hairstylist and without a personal dresser. My kinda girl!

Again, not a fan of this Alexander McQueen ensemble, but I love the ponytail. So casual, yet so chic.

She recycled this little number (she wore it the day before her wedding in London) and I think it's so casual, again, yet so chic. Love the necklace.

I think this dress might tie with the red and white number. By the way, I'm guessing her waist is a 23 or 24. So teeny! And I love her hair. I'm curious if her hairsylist uses hot rollers or a curling iron...

And here's just a little wrap-up. Such a lovely Duchess!

Happy Tuesday!

{All photos via Google}

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