Thursday, June 9, 2011


With this whole "eat better" thing comes times when I feel the need to buy a gallon of ice cream and sit on my couch and eat it directly out of the carton. In my pajamas. And my hair in a bun. Because frankly, you gotta fit the part when you're eating out of a carton. Just sayin'.

Anyway, I've been doing so well lately (Cooking Light recipes, one helping nights, no dessert and yoga, anyone?) that sometimes, when I come across websites that list to-die-for dessert recipes, I have to look away. Because I will buy the ingredients and make it. Like, now.

Except for today, I couldn't look away. And probably because it's the most caloric thing in the whole world. And most likely because it is freaking going to be made in our house next week.

May I present to you:

{I think I just gained a pound saying it.}

Bad for you? Um, yeah. Amazingly tasty? Probably. Making it next week? Yep.

Happy Thursday!

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