Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Happy Wednesday!

Holy cow, this has been the busiest week of my life. We have a huge event going on today in numerous cities across the U.S., so I'm a little haggard, to say the least. So ready for this weekend!

Anyway, I'm taking a break from my madness to tell y'all what I'm loving this week:

I was introduced to this stuff by Emily and her sister Melanie at Em's wedding last month. If you have super fine hair like mine (that falls flat the second you walk out the door in this humidity) then buy this stuff. It's SO cheap, too! It's the best stuff if you're a hair teaser like me. :) I bought mine at CVS for around $6.

I'm loving that I'm so into baking right now. Clearly it's the last thing I need to be doing since it's summer and I'm in a bathing suit, but I think it's been therapy for me this past month with work being absolutely out of control.

Monday night I whipped up the batter for these peanut butter cookies and let it refridgerate overnight. I let it sit out for just a bit last night and made these yummy cookies. We had SO MANY leftover that I packaged some up for Brandon to take to his recruiter, Collin. Hubs said he really enjoyed them, so yay! I love doing small things to surprise people. Collin works really hard for Brandon, so he deserved this little treat.

I went to the Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale last week and came home with a ton of stuff. (Seriously, that's the only time I ever buy anything from there!) 

I love a good lotion, and I've loved their scent "Heavenly" since High School, so when this was on sale for $4, I scooped it up immediately. I am in love. Smells so good!

Speaking of VS' semi-annual sale, I picked up their "Vixen" perfume, which was on sale for $11! (Marked down from $45!) Smells so yummy and summer-y.

I'm also so excited that it's Fourth of July weekend! My office closes early on Friday {Hallelujah!} so hubs and I are going to celebrate by taking a big fat nap and grilling out. We have no plans this weekend and I am thrilled. Here's to hoping that July will be a bit slower than June. (And how the heck is is already July?!)

{Photo via here}

I hope you're all having a wonderful week!

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