Monday, June 27, 2011


Did you watch The Jetsons when you were little? I did, and I was so awed by the entire show: how little humans did, the ease of their "chores," and hello, who can forget the flying cars?!

But I was most amazed by The Jetsons' robot, Rosie. She could do it all! Dust, make sure George got up for the day, made sure that LeRoy had his meal, etc. And she made it seem so easy!

This morning, I felt like Rosie the Robot. Actually, all weekend I felt like Rosie the Robot! Washing and folding loads of laundry, cleaning up after church, washing sheets, making the beds...

But this morning, I challenged myself to get up just 15 minutes earlier than I regularly do (when I hit the snooze button on my iPhone alarm clock for nine more minutes of blissful sleep) so I could get done the things that I normally am rushing around the house to do: making our bed; making coffee for both of us; and actually putting up my straightener, hairbrushes and the five bajillion other things I use in the morning to get ready for work. And you know what? Just those 15 minutes made me feel SO much more productive. And, I'm thanking to Lord for a great night's sleep that gave me the energy to get up and do that this morning, and plow through this busy day.  

If you know Brandon, you know that while he is so sweet and "romantic," he's not one of those guys that is constantly gushing over me and telling me he loves me 5,000 times a day. {If he were, I wouldn't have married him!} But what I love so much about him is that he's very perceptive and notices everything. And so while I was running around the house after church putting the sheets on the bed, wiping down bathroom counters and folding laundry, he looked at me and said, "Wow! You really have gotten a lot done this weekend, huh?" And hugged me.

While that doesn't seem like a huge deal, it is. Ladies, doesn't it feel wonderful to know your husband/fiance/boyfriend notices what hard work you're doing around the house? It made me feel so good knowing that Brandon noticed and was thankful for me doing our laundry, picking up around our house and grocery shopping for the week.

Disclaimer: Even though we both work 40+ hours a week, I feel that it is my role as a Christian wife to care for my husband in the ways that I am able (e.g.: cooking for us, doing our laundry and picking up around the house). He does help me, but he helps me in many more ways than just inside! We made a pact that I take care of inside and he takes care of outside, including the cars. While that seems like I got the short end of the stick, at least my jobs are with A/C. :) And, I don't do all of this because I feel like I have to. I do it because I want to! (And it doesn't hurt that I'm the most Type-A person you'll ever meet in your life!)

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