Tuesday, June 7, 2011

weight loss edition.

I love inspirational shows.

Ones that give you that really good cry and make you feel that all is right in the world.

That show for me?

I watched it last night and of course, was bawling by the end. Brandon stared at me like I was nuts. (And seriously, what is it about Extreme Makeover that makes me just cry like a baby?! Home Edition, Weight Loss...darn those sad stories!)

And by the way, the trainer, Chris Powell, is defintiely easy on the eyes!

In other news, my husband is having a root canal today that will top off the {long} list of dental work he's had done recently. I hope our children don't get either of our teeth!

{Fast fact: I had braces for six years. Yes, six. [Pausing for you to say, "WHAAAA?"] And now my teeth are crooked. Fab.}

Needless to say, we'll be cheering on the Mavs tonight (albeit in silence, I'm sure) while eating this. Nothing like soup in the summer. I'm sure our A/C will be on high tonight. :)

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  1. I watched Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss too! Completely AMAZING!