Monday, June 13, 2011


Before I say anything, I have to say, "GO MAVS!!!!!!!!!" I am so happy and excited for them, and this picture just says it all. The first NBA Finals Championship in franchise history, y'all. That is a huge deal and I'm so glad that we got to watch history being made last night. Congratulations!

(By the way, I am loving that the homepage of the Dallas Morning News says,
"Simply Mav-elous.")

{Photo via Google}

We spent the weekend with my parents celebrating: my oldest younger brother turned 17, my sister is turning 9 on Saturday, my parents will celebrate 19 years of marriage on the 20th, and of course, celebrating the best Dad a girl could ask for. We had dinner together and gave gifts on Friday night, spent all day (literally) on the lake on Saturday, and went to church and my sister's dance recital on Sunday. Life is good.

While I hate the {long} drive, one of my favorite things to see is the line of pine trees start as soon as you hit Walker County. It's the little things.

We rode jet skis (and may or may not have gotten lost on Lake Livingston), lazed in the hammock, tubed, rode the boat and just spent time with family. I love it.

{I got this sign for my Mom for Mother's Day. That's supposed to say "Laguna," but oh well.}

I love summer days. They start early, end late and leave you filled with excitement and anticipation. We both are sunburned, but sunburned and happy.

{Check out his crazy, windblown hair! And ignore mine, please. Thank you.}

I absolutely adore my Dad.

Maggie had her dance recital and I'm pretty sure she was the cutest little ballet and tap dancer on the stage. I'm probably a little biased, though. :)

{Doesn't Brandon look like he's in the runner's stance and about to jet off in a marathon!?}

By the way, can you tell who Maggie looks like? Hint: It's not my Dad. :)
I love this picture.

I didn't want our weekend to end. When I was unpacking last night and throwing our dirty clothes into the laundry basket, I smelled the faint scent of coconut sunscreen. Literally, my heart ached a bit for those summer days as a kid when the biggest item on your agenda was deciding between spending the day at the pool, or spending the day at your friends' pool. How I miss it.

Speaking of summer, here's the weekly forecast for Dallas:

I can sum all of those numbers up into one word: H-O-T. Summer is here, y'all. Summer is here.

Oh, and can y'all please do us a favor and say a prayer of protection over us and our neighbors? Two cars directly outside of our apartment (literally 10 feet away from our bedroom balcony; we're on the first floor) got broken into last night. One person had his stereo stolen and another had his car hot-wired. The police said that it looks as though the people were attempting to steal the cars. Neither of them were expensive vehicles, which scares me because ours aren't, either. Please just say a prayer that:

  • The police catch whomever did these acts (or that the Lord gives them guilt and they turn themselves in) and give them justice.
  • Our vehicles remain safe. I know they're just "things," but it's that sense of violation.
  • The two guys whose vehicles were broken into are able to repair the damage that was done.
  • Those that did this don't return to our apartment complex.
Thank y'all! And Happy Monday!

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