Thursday, June 16, 2011

Random Thursday Post

Random Thursday thoughts:

I am exhausted today. Why? Because I had a disgusting dream that my husband murdered me. What the what?! Brandon was so disgusted and half-laughed when I told him that. I think I've been watching too much Law & Order.

I make these highly involved meals, but sometimes, the simple ones are the best (and the cheapest):

Grilled chicken in a teriyaki marinade, Uncle Ben's 90-second brown rice, and my "famous" asparagus. Want the recipe? You're going to laugh. And my grandmother would die:

Wash the asparagus and break off those ends. Arrange them on a plate. Spray a little spray butter over them, then sprinkle with lemon pepper, garlic salt and the juice of half a small lemon. Put in microwave for 4 minutes. You're done.

Yesterday I was so stressed out. Brandon, too. So I bought a bottle of Hess Collection Cabernet Sauvignon and we just sat on the couch and talked. And I read P-Dub's new book. Life was happy last night.

I want to paint my toenails this color. I have a free pedicure (because at my fabulous nail salon, you buy 11, the 12th is it) and I'm so using it this weekend. I normally wouldn't go for this color, but I am kind of liking it for summer.

Speaking of weekend, hubs and I are having date night on Friday. Kona and a movie. So excited for those avocado eggrolls and sushi. And I guess I should really be excited about spending uninterrupted time with my husband? :)

I'm exhausted. I'm going to get another Diet Coke. Talk to y'all tomorrow.

The Boringest Blogger on the Planet

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  1. love the color! I always pick pink, pink or pink. ok, sometimes red. I'm pretty boring :)


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