Wednesday, June 22, 2011

oh, my.

I wish I could sit here and tell you that we're having this awesome summer and I haven't been busy at all. I wish I could say that I've been spending my summer hanging out with friends, going out to eat, relaxing and enjoying the {hot} dog days of summer.

...but I would be lying to you.

Life has been out of control busy this month, and I'm really paying for it: broken out skin, circles under my eyes, only working out a few days a week, snipping at my husband...

And I'm sorry. Really, I am. I'm sorry to you, sweet readers, because I feel like I'm being such a "Negative Nancy" this month. I had a full-on cryfest at my office on Monday; totally came out of nowhere and I was completely unable to stop it. Talk about embarrassing! Vented to Gel.

But you know, it's times like these that I'm reminded to just be. To just calm down, take it all in and breathe.

I used to get mad at those people that would say, "Don't sweat the small stuff. And it's all 'small stuff.'" I wanted to scream at them, "Um. Right. You tell that to my boss."

But the more that I think about it, I need to stop what I'm doing, take a breather, and remember that life goes on. Watch that movie on a Tuesday night, even if it totally defers from the 'normal' routine. Have another glass of wine. Turn the TV off and just talk to my husband. Go on a walk. Remember that everything will get done.

If you know me, you know that I am a "list girl." I have lists everywhere: at my office, in my car, on our refridgerator. It gives me great, utter satisfaction to check that little box I've drawn next to my task at hand. It's like finishing an OCD marathon - box is checked, let's go get our banana and walk it off. Kind of Bethenny Frankel-esque.

That said, I haven't been able to check hardly any boxes this month. Right when I start a task, another - more pressing - one pops up. Talk about learning to control the OCD. This month I have honestly learned that it's okay that laundry is overflowing in the hamper; it's okay that we eat leftovers two nights in a row; it's okay that I don't finish pitching to media in one day. It's okay. *Sigh.*

And my sweet, amazing husband, sent me an e-mail today (knowing full well how insane life has been this month) saying, "I know you're stressed out. What can I do to help you out tonight? What can I do that will just make your day?" Ladies (and gentlemen, if you're reading, too)...that is a real man right there. Homeboy grew up with no sisters, and bless his heart is learning all about razors, make-up, tampons {Did I really just write that on my blog?} and the importance of having a regular pedicure. So for him to send me a sweet e-mail like that, I was swooning. I love him.

I'm taking Friday off to relax, rest and recharge. And I promise that I'll be back next week with my regular WILW posts (and happy, positive posts!) I'm skipping the workout tonight and am going to make an insanely fattening dinner tonight (sour cream chicken enchiladas, if you were wondering) and am watching "16 and Pregnant." Screw the 'routine.' OCD, peace out tonight.

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  1. what a sweet hubs!! And sour cream enchiladas? sound AMAZING! I hope things get easier for you!!