Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1. Sparkles Edition.

I cannot believe it is June 1! It's so summer here in Dallas {in other words: H-O-T} and I'm just loving the sights and smells of summer here:

Lighter traffic (no school buses), no ties at work until August for my husband, sweet friends over last night, it's light outside until 9 p.m. (!!!), white pants and light sundresses in the office, A/C on high in the car all the time, fresh fruits and vegetables, the lake, hamburgers and hot dogs, the pool, margaritas, and the best of all: two summer days (aka: "Flex Days") at work this summer.

So excited!

That said, I love We Heart It. And I love glitter and sparkles.

So, happy June!

"You can never have too much glitter."

{All photos via weheartit}

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