Friday, June 3, 2011

it's friday!

Why do four-day weeks always seem so long? For that reason, I am so glad it's Friday!

Hubs is playing golf, I'm getting my nails done, we're eating, sleeping and laying out by the pool...and I am thrilled. We have basically made plans with each other to not make plans for the weekend. I love those types of weekends, don't you?

{BTW, I am also loving my Diptic app for my iPhone. So fun!}

On a random note, yoga is seriously helping with my stress levels. My job is pretty high-stress sometimes, and yesterday I was just feeling antsy and was in a weird mood. I can't even explain how I felt. Just like I needed to get out, take a huge run and then get in my bed and sleep for 10 hours. Ever felt like that? Obviously it is too hot in Dallas to run forever and a day, so I popped in my yoga DVD. (After my sweet husband telling me that I was acting weird and asking if I wanted to get my nails done this cute. Love him.)

After a few side planks, crescent poses and downward dogs, I was feeling fantastic and sweating more than I ever have with yoga. Guess I just had some major tension that needed to get out! I'm a total proponent of yoga now. It really works!

I hope y'all have a fabulous, restful weekend.

Oh, and I can't sign off without saying: "HOW 'BOUT THOSE MAVS?!?!"

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