Friday, June 17, 2011


"Sun is shining. Weather is sweet. Make you wanna move your dancing feet."
-Bob Marley

Heavenly Friday, you're here at last.

It's a high of 102 degrees here in the Big D today, which, if we didn't already know, means summer is here...and in fact, it's still spring. Summer doesn't even officially begin until Tuesday.

Hubs and I are spending this beautiful summer evening on the porch at Kona. A simple date night over some saki and sushi.

And then a pedicure for me on Saturday, some golf for hubs.

A trip to the grocery store, which will, of course, involve me bringing home sugar-free Fudgesicles. Because that's summer to me.

And it will involve church and Sunday School.

And sitting around a dinner table with my grandparents, who are driving through the Big D on their way to a summer getaway.

If the weather allows, we'll hit the pool with our books.

And take afternoon naps. And call Dads to thank them for being so wonderful.

And possibly stopping to get another {amazing} snowcone at the ghetto snowcone shop we discovered last night.

More than anything, I am ready to relax and just be.

Happy Weekending.

{All photos but last photo via Pinterest and We Heart It}

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