Friday, May 6, 2011

words are funny.

Words are funny. Can I tell you something? Brandon and I have our own language. 
Kind of like Soup Nazi. Except I can't explain it. 

Know who else has a funny language? 
My family. 
I use it so often that I sometimes forget the real word for things, like "probably" really isn't "prolaby." Except I say it like that, and I have to catch myself at work from saying "prolaby." True story.

Here are a few things my siblings have said...and my family (including my husband, who has really caught on) continue to say. As they say, "out of the mouths of babes."
1. "Prolaby" = Probably
2. "Farmer John Cheese" = Parmesan cheese 
(My brother Parker was little and we were having spaghetti for supper one night. He asked, in all seriousness, if we could pass the 'Farmer John cheese.')

3. "Chadash Boushwash Fudo Fudo" = my oldest brother, Royden's, version of cuss words at about two years old. My aunt, especially, says "Chadash" when she drops something.

4. "Shah-der" = Shower 

5. "Repartment" = Apartment 

6. "Wenna-made" = Lemonade

7. It's not a funny word, but when my little sister Maggie was tiny, she would say, "I do noooooooot know!" (Emphasis on drawing out the nooooooot.) We all say this a lot. Definitely have to catch myself from saying this in real life! :)

8. My younger brother told my Mom one day that she had "too much kids." Now, any time anyone complains about having to shuttle kids back and forth, we say, "You just got too much kids." 

And for the kicker? Brandon calls me "poo head." There, I said it. We don't call each other "baby," or "sweetie," or "honey." Nope, my husband calls me "poo head." There's our little language for you. :)

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  1. funny! My big family and now my little family have those as well. Ours include "joking!" "the gamin" instead of the garmin and recently {compliments of Maggie} "wha dis?" about EVERY thing!


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