Monday, May 23, 2011

Wheelin' and Dealin'

Let's face it: I am out of shape and need to lose weight.

I've always prided myself in my quick metabolism and my ability to never have to work out. 

But you know what? A 9-hour work day (of which I'm on my butt for about 8.5 of those hours), combined with being too tired to work out when I got home, and then marriage kicked in ("Oh, you're having seconds? Me too!") and now I'm 10 pounds over my ideal weight...and weigh the most I ever have in my life.
So, after seeing sweet Emily this weekend and her telling me about yoga, I decided: that's it. I'm doing it. I'm {finally} going to start working out. Eating healthier. Maintaining portion control. Yoga, here I come!

Bottom line: I can't fit into any but two pairs of my pants, I hate the way my face and arms look in pictures and it's high time I work out. More than anything, it's to make myself feel better. The number on the scale doesn't matter as long as I feel better, look better...and can wear my pants again. :)

So, yesterday I ordered "The Biggest Loser: The Workout - Weight Loss Yoga"(and of course made a trip to Target for some yoga pants) and while I'm waiting for my DVD to come in, I did the "Cardio Recovery Yoga" disc on Brandon's "Insanity" work out (of which I'm about to do in about 10 minutes). 

So, wish me luck!

Oh, and the whole point of this post's title is this:
I'm a crappy self-motivator. I wish I were kidding. No, like seriously, I suck at motivating myself.

So, my husband knows what motivates me: shopping.  We made a deal that when I get to my ideal weight (10 pounds to go!) that I get to spend $100 at Ann Taylor Loft. And for every month I keep it off and maintain my ideal weight, I get to buy one thing from the sale rack there. 

Pretty good deal, eh? 

Happy Monday! I'm off work today and get to do the fun task of transferring my vehicle title from my Dad's name to mine; taking a passport photo and sending that in (finally) and going to the dry cleaners. Riveting.  


  1. I can SO relate to this post!! I am 15 pounds over my goal weight! It's so hard to make healthy choices when you're eating with a guy :) My goal is July 4th weekend...I have to get this weight off! best of luck!

  2. Um if you lose 10 lbs you'll disappear! :) I think you look fab as always, but totally understand how annoying it is when clothes don't fit. UGH!

  3. sounds like great motivation to me! and 10 lbs? you don't want to know what this pregnancy has done to me! :)


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