Monday, May 9, 2011

say hello to my little friend

My parents' washing machine that I've been using since I moved to Dallas {AKA it was ancient, but did the job, and good, too!} decided to break on me yesterday in the middle of washing our sheets.

Like, we're talking stayed-on-the-same-button-didn't-move-water-didn't-drain-suds-all-in-the-tub-I-had-to-use-a-paint-spackler-to-make-it-start-every-time-I-wanted-to-wash-something broken.  {RIP, Old Faithful.}

I was super sad/mad/annoyed that it was broken (but thankful I actually had a washing machine free of charge for three years) we did some research and trekked to Best Buy yesterday afternoon to make a purchase.

And world, meet our new washing machine:

We actually got a good deal on this puppy:

It was on clearance sale, so we {of course} were interested. (And the reviews were awesome on this one!) Then, when we decided to buy it, the saleslady said they were out of stock. Well, I had done some reading, dear readers, and I learned that you can actually ask for the floor sample and they have to give it to you at a discounted price. So, clearance sale and 10% off later, we're having a new washing machine delivered on Thursday.

All I'm saying is, this thing better wash my clothes like a miracle. :)

I am, however, really grateful and thankful that we decided not to move into a house yet. Because if this would've broken after we'd just made a huge purchase on a home, it would've been a thorn in our sides and a much bigger expense.

I'll let you know my thoughts after this is delivered Thursday.

Happy Monday! {If you can call Mondays "happy."}

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