Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I am so excited that it's "Royal Wedding Week!"

Call me crazy, but it's a real-life fairy tale and I am freaking out I am so excited.

I think Kate is so lovely and of course, like every girl my age, had a crush on Prince William growing up. Like, wanted-to-move-to-London-and-pull-a-Wallis-Simpson crush.

I think it's so neat that she's going to be a part of the uber-secretive, historical Windsor family...and c'mon, what girl wouldn't want to wear a tiara every now and then?

My husband thinks I'm officially nuts for DVR-ing basically everything "Royal Wedding" this week and absolutely the entire day's worth of coverage on NBC on Friday.

{I'm still considering taking a day off on Friday. Don't you judge me. It's historical.} 

As I mentioned last week, I have been to London, so I feel some crazy "connection" to the places they're going to go, be married, etc.

And for crying out loud, IT'S A HISTORICAL MOMENT, PEOPLE.

I love the history of the royal family and all of the tales that got Queen Elizabeth II and her family where they are today. I mean, if Prince Edward wouldn't have abdicated the throne, we probably wouldn't care one lick about Prince William...but I mean, thanks, Edward. Appreciate you falling in love with an American divorcee and handing over the throne to your brother so I can watch your great-nephew's monstrosity of a wedding. ;)

I'm so looking forward to the pomp and circumstance, the beautiful dress she'll be wearing and the fact that we'll be witnessing the first "huge" royal wedding since before I was born. (Charles and Diana, for all of you who don't Wikipedia the royal family when you're bored at work. True story.)  

While I won't be up at 4 a.m. by any means, I absolutely cannot wait to watch the wedding with a flute of champagne in hand. Because, you know, you gotta feel fancy watching this wedding.

Happy Royal Wedding Week!!

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