Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

Excuse my language, but this has been one hell of a week and I'm loving that we're only two days away from the weekend. I told Brandon this morning as I was shuffling into the kitchen to make my coffee, "Arrgghhh. I am so ready for Friday."

He looked at me and said, "Well, babe, it's Wednesday. You have a long way to go. Just make the best of it."

I glared at him.

But then I told him I loved him.

I'm loving the little improvements we're slowly doing to our house.

While there are a few things I hate (and cannot change), namely:

The horrible cabinets that have no pulls, the white walls, ugly countertops circa 1980, no counterspace in the kitchen and bathrooms, and the sliding door/vertical blinds issue, we're making the best of it (to quote my husband) and making improvements here and there.

I hung up the chalk board my parents made me for my birthday in the kitchen, and while it usually says, "I Choose Joy!" (because we all I know I need the constant reminder to choose joy in my life and not be a Negative Nancy), this week it says, "Hoppy Easter!"

I'm so clever.


I'm thinking about doing a little curtain like Stephanie did in her kitchen over this weird rectangle window. Thoughts?

Okay, you know you're old when you blog about Bar-be-Que sauce and marinade, but we LOVE Stubb's!

I picked their marinade up on a whim a few months ago and now I'm hooked. They have different marinade (obviously) for chicken and beef, and it is SO GOOD.

We marinated chicken breasts in their chicken marinade the other night and put them on the grill. I am that girl who always puts Ketchup or Heinz 57 on my chicken breast, but not this time! The marinade kept it juicy and tender, and the flavor was enough for me to not have to use a dipping sauce.

Okay, I'm hungry typing this so I need to move on.

I just want to say something:

I am very excited for the Royal Wedding and I'm not ashamed to admit it!

Ever since I studied abroad in London in 2007, I have been obsessed with British history (I like history and facts in general, but living there really made me interested in British history), and since I visited the place where William and Kate (excuse me, Catherine) are getting married (on a private tour, no less. Thanks, Baylor!) and I've been to the place where their reception will be (Buckingham Palace, for those of you that think this Royal Wedding hype is stupid) needless to say, it's a living history lesson and who doesn't want to see a real-life fairy tale?

I mean, this wedding is going to be out of control: from the tiaras to the dress to the pomp and circumstance...! I'm just excited to see it all.

Well, I'm off to finish my massive to-do list...that I wrote on Monday and have been so busy with other things that I didn't start making a dent in it until 2 p.m. yesterday. Yikes.

Happy Wednesday.


  1. SO excited about the royal wedding. We had a party planned and then I realized I'd be out of town- I'm still bummed about it. And I think the curtain would look lovely!

  2. 1. I say yes. do a curtain. it will bring a little color to that wall :)

    2. I'm obsessed with Stubbs. We use it all the time.

    3. Can't wait for the royal wedding!! I am going to have to record it though and watch it after's going to be amazing.


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