Sunday, April 17, 2011


{Warning: picture overload!}

I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend! We spent Friday evening having a yummy dinner at this hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant near us, then finished it up with a little shopping at Old Navy and J.Crew. (Love that my husband will shop with me!)

Friday morning, we lazed around the house until my brother-in-law stopped by because he didn't want to go shopping with his wife. (Hubs tried to act like he hated shopping with me, which cracked me up!) We got dressed and headed out to Cowboys Stadium for Kenny Chesney's "Goin' Coastal Tour."

{Don't worry, this picture was taken at a red light.}

"Jerry's World" is absolutely massive, and there were SO many people there! I've never seen that many people tailgating at a concert! We were getting tickled because we got there around 4 p.m. (the first opening act went on at 4:30) and there were people already staggering around and doing the "drunk dance" to Kenny Chesney on repeat on their car stereos. Ohhh man.

We had great seats and got to do a LOT of people-watching. (Which I'm now convinced is better than people-watching at the airport...observations below.)

Uncle Kracker opened, which was surprisingly good. I like his song, "Smile."

Then was Billy Currington, who is so easy on the eyes. :) 

My favorite song he sings is "Good Directions," which I took video of and sent to my oldest brother, who likes it, too. By this point, the stadium was almost full.

Then was Zac Brown Band, which hubs and I LOVE. Every song of theirs is seriously awesome and we totally sang every word of every song at this point! We love "Chicken Fried," "Whatever It Is," "Highway 20 Ride," "Free,"...well, basically their entire first CD. :)

They were great live.

Then was Kenny! He was AWESOME live -- totally better than I imagined he would be. He's very personal, kept calling out Dallas, which got the crowd riled up, and sang a TON of awesome songs that I {sadly} knew every word to!

When he first came out, he was in the middle of the stadium on this little swing-thingie (Brandon said it was the cameras the NFL uses for the field...those ones that swing back and forth. Who knew?)

We had SO MUCH FUN! Thanks, Brandon, for a fabulous birthday gift! 

Okay, now for my observations of (mostly girls) at the stadium:
1. I have never seen so many non-existent "shorts" in my life! I'm pretty sure I saw enough booties to last me a lifetime. I'm not kidding when I say some shorts I saw were the length of those "boy short" underwear. Gross! 

2. Speaking of booties, I'm pretty sure I've seen enough boobies to last me a lifetime, too. My gosh, it's okay to not wear a size small, ladies! If you need a larger size, just buy it! Trust me, it will look much better.
3. Some girls really need a Mommy to tell them they're "not walking out the door like that." Brandon even noticed the little 15 and 16-year olds with itsy, bitsy outfits. He was like, "Ummm, pretty sure there are girls here who just want to be noticed by those dresses." I've taught him well. :) Thank you, Mom, for making me change if I ever needed to!

4. I've never seen more people make out in public IN MY LIFE. Like, we're taking I almost said, "Get a room!!!" People just need to be respectful of others. That's nasty.
5. Apparently Dallas has a lot of "sugar daddies." I saw a LOT of old, old men with younger women (who had lots"help" in terms of their bodies) that would just pull out their wallets, hand over a $20 and the girls would come back about 20 minutes later (after said sugar daddy spent 20 minutes texting the girls and looking left to right each minute) double-fisting the overpriced Dallas Cowboys-rita. 

6. Here is why hubs and I typically don't go to concerts or movies: BECAUSE PEOPLE DON'T KNOW HOW TO SIT THEIR BUTTS IN THEIR SEATS. Sorry for the caps, but it's very necessary. I'm not kidding when I say the kids in our row got up no less than 15 times and the drunk guy in front of us didn't sit in his seat the entire time. He thought that sitting on the stairs and telling the prepubescent teenager behind me that he "looked like Justin Bieber" was a great idea. Sheesh. 

Anyway, happy weekend! :)

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  1. Sounds like a good weekend! And I cannot agree more with your observations of how people dress- ridiculous!!


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