Thursday, April 14, 2011

bruises + baths.

I bruise easily.

If you were to thump me hard enough, you'd leave a purple bruise on me that would last two weeks. My husband swears up and down {jokingly} that I'm a hemophilliac. (I'm not.)

That said, since we've been moving furniture (big, heavy furniture) all across our apartment; hanging up pictures and putting together TV stands...I look like I was thrown into a boxing ring with no pads or protection.

Exhibit A: I currently have three bruises on my right leg. Not kidding. And I can tell you exactly where they came from. (Interested? Okay. The one on my knee came from my inability to hang a picture correctly and it comes crashing down landing on my knee. Ouch. The one below my knee came from me hitting the lower bathroom cabinet door before dawn. And the one on my shin came from me trying to haul in a huge TV stand box with Brandon.)

That said? I'm tired. My body hurts. I even told Brandon that the skin on my hands hurt.

And, because I can't put pictures in the correct order on Blogger, we're going to take a quick rewind to yesterday afternoon with this photo:

This is my attempt at "beautifying" our apartment. Just a few little things here and there to really make me "love where I'm living." (My new mantra.) 

It's just a teeny silver tray with our Q-tip and cotton ball containers, an engagement picture and my Tiffany's box. It really makes me happy to look at in the mornings. Because that ugly countertop? Not a fan. 

So, going back to my bout with hemophilia (kidding):

Last night, I was reading my latest issue of Real Simple. In the issue, they talked about ways to get jumpstarted for the day, ways to stay jumpstarted during that afternoon slump, and ways to wind down at night.

One of those ways was a hot bath.

Y'all. I'm ashamed to say that I haven't enjoyed a bath in so long. We're talking since before Christmas. I am always just running, running, running, and a shower is always the quickest option.

So, I put down my magazine, pour myself a glass of wine, pull out the yummy bubble bath I got for Christmas, grab Unchartered TERRItory, and hop in.

{Please excuse the industrial grade white tile that seriously needs a cleaning.}

I'm relishing in the steamy bath, thinking to myself, "Man, I should do this more often!" I turn off the water and I hear it:


Ugh. So much for my relaxing bath.

My husband...

...was playing Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Welcome to my life. :)

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  1. Ha! That's when you need your iPod in there! And I bruise easily too- it's not fair my legs always look rough :(


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