Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

It has been a crazy busy day for me, full of meetings and last-minute deadlines. But you know what? It makes me feel so good to check those things off my list.

Here's what I'm loving today:

My fun leopard-print heels I'm sporting. It just makes the day a bit sassier, no?

My fun curls! My hair is so much easier to do in the morning, so thank you rollers!

This precious "Happy Everything!" platter/stand that we got as a {late} wedding gift. I like to always celebrate holidays (even the little ones, ahem St. Patrick's Day), so this eliminates me having to buy each individual holiday's decorations. Happy Everything!

(And, that little thingie on the top that says "Cheers" is removeable with velcro and comes in each holiday. Love it!)

These fun decorative bottles I got at our local Bed, Bath & Beyond.

I'd seen them in specialty (a.k.a.: expensive) stores and loved them, but hated the price. Well, I was in Bed, Bath & Beyond buying a wedding gift and saw these little guys on the clearance shelf. They're currently sitting on the mantle in our little apartment, but I can't wait to move them somewhere more fun when and if we buy a house!

And, I don't have a photo of him on here, but my sweet husband is definitely "something" I'm loving today. (And every day!)

He is really working hard with the lenders, banks, realtors, etc. for us in our home-buying process and I'm so thankful for him! I don't know anything about types of loans, realtor stuff, and any home buying jargon. So, thank you, babe for really stepping up to the plate and making our home dreams a reality!!


  1. If you ever want some home buying advice, let me know. I learned so much when I bought my condo in fall 09. Happy to help!

  2. I LOVE those shoes! And the little canisters are adorable!