Monday, March 21, 2011

weekend wrap-up + picture overload

"We're very East Texas people." - Patsy Cline

This weekend, I traveled back to East Texas for a bridal shower for one of my very best friends, Emily. She and I met in 10th grade after she moved from Ruston, Louisiana. And we've been friends ever since!

Anyway, my Mom hosted Emily's shower at her house on Sunday (so my pictures are a little backward, but I'm so excited to show you how cute everything looked!). And please excuse my overuse of my Hipstamatic iPhone app.

My Mom and Dad made this precious little chalkboard frame, which is hanging in the kitchen/breakfast area. (I asked for one for my birthday - ha!).
Anyway, I wrote on it the below:

Em loves birds, so it was a bird/spring-themed shower.

This is the dining room, which housed the mini bundt cakes (which went on that wooden "tray" thingie in the middle), punch, coffee, water, mints, chocolate-covered strawberries and the precious floral pieces my mom created. The top of the wooden thing is a "W" cutout (for her new last name!) surrounded by (fake) moss and twigs.

This is the table in our entry where her book was. The center photo is a framed shower invitation; the left is an engagement picture of Emily and her fiance Austin; the right is a list of the hostesses with a "W" monogram in the middle. There was even a birdcage with (fake) little birds in it.

So cute!

And I just loved the white hydrangea floral arrangements my Mom did. They were tied with dark green tulle and seated on little nests, complete with a little bird.

Her shower was so beautiful and it was great to see my friend! Only two months from today until she's a Mrs.! EEK!

Switching gears here...

After the shower decorating, we went to my parents' boat house and enjoyed the amazing spring weather. I just love our lake and even told my parents, "If I lived here, I'd be out on that lake" It's wonderful.

{Please excuse my no make-up face!}

My Dad, one of my brothers, my sister and I went out on the boat for the afternoon and it was pure bliss. Nothing is better than having nothing to do, being on a boat, being with family, and jamming out to the Zac Brown Band.

Isn't it gorgeous out there? So peaceful.

That night, we went to my parents' friend's land to roast hot dogs and marshmallows and watch the rising of the biggest moon in 18 years.

This was my view from the fire. {Can I go back?}

The sunset was absolutely gorgeous. I kept thinking, "How can you look at something so beautiful and not believe in God?"

[Side note: This photo is completely un-edited and taken with my iPhone, which doesn't do it justice.]

The sunset was behind me, and the gorgeous moon was in front of me. Absolutely breathtaking.

Again, the iPhone camera doesn't do it justice, but the moon was a deep orange and so big. It eventually changed to the white color it normally is, but was so bright. We were outside and could see things by the light of the moon, and for this girl who has been in Dallas for nearly three years? I forgot what that was like. And I loved the reminder.

As we were driving off of their land to go home, my Dad noticed the moon reflecting in not one, but two places on a small pond. Of course, we all stopped, got out of the truck, and took pictures.

It looked like something you'd see in a painting.

I'm back at work on this dreary Monday morning and am totally missing my family. I'm missing not checking my e-mail, not being an "adult," sleeping late and being outside (whether it be on the lake or in the woods of deep East Texas).

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday. I'm trying to get out of my post-home funk!

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  1. I love all the pictures! It looks like it was a great shower.