Thursday, March 24, 2011

a vacation would be nice.

"too much work and no vacation,
deserves at least a small libation.
so hail! my friends, and raise your glasses,
work's the curse of the drinking classes."
-oscar wilde

I am loving this weather. I really am. I'm loving that it's dark when I get out of bed at seven a.m. I'm loving that it's light out until nearly eight p.m. I'm loving pastels, chocolate candy eggs in a bowl on a table, fresh flowers in the house, open windows and being outside more.

I'm loving shopping for an Easter dress, making Easter plans, finding hubs the perfect pastel Polo button-down to wear to church on Easter Sunday.

As much as I dread the stupid birds at 4 a.m., I'm loving that they're there and show the sign of new life that spring always brings. I'm even enjoying the pollen. Say whaaa? Yes. Because it means a new season is here, and for everything there is a season. {Ecclesiastes 3:1-8}

But you know what?

I really need a vacation. This place {above} looks fab.

Not to complain in the least, but I feel as though I've been going since about December.

Exhibit A:
-I worked on our client's biggest event of the year in early December.
-After that, I spent the rest of December doing end-of-year reports and recaps.
-Then Christmas came, and, not to sound at all ungrateful, but doubling Christmases is exhausting. + travel.
-In January, I was pulled in to work on the Super Bowl for another client. Hello, Busy R Us. That lasted until early February.
-I spent all of February playing catch-up on my "real" client work, and then was down and out with the flu for a whole week. Then, came back and played double catch-up. That was fun.
-Then wedding season came, and one of my best friends got married on March 12; another is in the shower process and is getting married May 21. I traveled home (roughly four hours each way) two weekends in a row.

Exhibit B:
We're currently in the process of purchasing our first home.

Exhibit C:
Since we're going to make the biggest purchase of our lives to date this year, we're nixing the annual vacay with hubby's family to Orange Beach, Ala. And, possibly spending our anniversary with a good ol' "staycation." (A bit of Recession vocab for you.)

Conclusion, counselor?
That means no vacation. And I need one.

I'm very tempted to just take a long weekend and head somewhere close with the hubs (i.e.: Fredricksburg, Kemah, Canyon Lake) and decompress. Where's that PTO form...?

Do any of you have any great {Texas} vacation spots for a long weekend?

(photos via weheartit)


  1. David and I loved going to Fredricksburg! There are a ton of amazing wineries. I enjoyed going to Becker Vineyard's tasting room and having a picnic :) It's delightful. I also recommend JW Marriott in San Antonio. You don't have to leave the resort-they have EVERYTHING!! Hope you can find some time to get away.

  2. I second Fredericksburg! I love it there- so cute and relaxing!

  3. Fredricksburg! We went with David and Stephanie and it was wonderful!