Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tomato, Tuh-mah-toe.

Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong sang, " say either, and I say either; you say neither and I say neither...yes you like potato, I like potato; you like potato, I like potato..." in their song Let's Call The Whole Thing Off. Have you heard it?

This song relates so well to me (the East Texas girl) and my husband (born in Tennesse, but raised in Southlake, Texas) it's uncanny.

Before we were married, Brandon was driving and I told him to "exit onto the feeder." Yes, the feeder. He looked at me like I had three eyeballs and Medusa hair. "The FEEDER?" he exclaimed. I looked at him like he had four eyeballs. "Um, yes, the feeder. That's what it is..." He then proceeds to tell me that he's never heard of the word "feeder" in his life and instead calls it the "access road." What-ever. You say access road, I say feeder.

So, what do you call that thing you push at the grocery store? {Pausing for a moment to let you think about this.} I call it a "buggy." My husband? A "shopping cart," or just a "cart." You say cart, I say buggy.

I say that I'm "fixing supper." Brandon likes to say to me, "Why are you fixing it if it's not broken?" Smarty pants. (However, I have conformed the kid to saying "supper" instead of "dinner!") You say making dinner, I say fixing supper.

I also have other fun East Texas words that I try to only say on a very small basis...usually these come out (along with the accent) when I'm tired, mad, or had a few too many margaritas at Gloria's:
  • "Yousta could," (which, if you are not from East Texas: "Used to be able to." Need me to use it in a sentence? Okay: "I yousta could play the piano.") Moving on.
  • Another one is "rigger." As in, "My mom is gonna have a rigger when she sees my report card!"
  • "Egg on." I'm sure this is one you've heard before: "Quit egging her on and she'll stop!"
  • "Y'all," but if you're just from Texas you use that one! My favorite is saying, "All of y'all." Which, basically is saying, "All of you all." Totally doesn't make sense, but I love it.
  • And lastly, "Bless his/her/your heart." This needs no explanation.
Do any of you have funny things you say based on where you live or grew up? What about differences in you and your significant other?

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  1. I say feeder and Tyler always looks at me like I've just grown a second head. I say almost all of those except "rigger" I've never heard of that :)