Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday. Ick.

As if Mondays aren't crappy enough, my iPhone decided that it wanted to wake us up at 5:30 this morning as opposed to our normal 6:30.

Poor Brandon heard my alarm, got up, started into the bathroom...and then wandered into the kitchen. Bless his heart, he looks at the digital clocks on the microwave and stove and noticed them blaring "5:30." He almost died.

Neither of us were able to go to back to sleep, so needless to say, we're exhausted today!

After talking with our IT guy at work (who's also my cube-mate, or "cubie"), apparently this is a national problem. Google "iPhone Alarm Clock." Yikes!

The only thing getting me through this Monday is knowing that The Bachelor and Bethenny Ever After are tonight, and I have a super yummy supper on our little menu!


  1. Oh man!! That is terrible! I'm having a bad day too...just got a flat tire on my lunch break. sigh. Here's to having a glass of wine and watching Bachelor and BEA. cheers.

  2. I had a bad Monday too! Hope your week is going better. I love Bethenny Ever After too!