Tuesday, March 1, 2011

memories + spring

Three years ago today, this crazy kid asked me to be his girlfriend.

And yes, he did "ask" me: right after SING, in his truck, in front of my apartment. I remember the conversation exactly. I remember looking at the digital clock on his stereo system after he asked, noticing that it literally just "struck" midnight. I remember sharing our very first kiss and getting chill bumps. I remember how happy we were. I remember walking into my apartment, wanting to call my very best girlfriends, but not since it was midnight. I remember how absolutely head-over-heels I was. And, can I be cheesy for a second? We still are. :)

Brandon, I love you. Thank you for asking me to be your girlfriend, and ultimately, your wife.

On another note, I'm so happy that today is the first day of March: it's officially spring in my book! To celebrate, I'm sporting bare legs. Daring, I tell you.

Spring is my favorite season (and no, not just because my birthday is in the spring!). I'm getting amped for Easter, pastel colors, cool mornings and warm afternoons, dinners and drinks on the patio, Peeps, chocolate bunnies, Daylight Savings Time, bathing suit shopping, seersucker, and okay...my birthday. :)

What makes you think of spring?

Happy March 1! Enjoy your day! 

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