Friday, March 18, 2011


"I'm headin' home babe, I got a long way to go..." -Pat Green

This picture is from Christmas a few years ago, but it's home, and I love it.

I'm going here today (sans hubby) and while I'm not looking forward to the drive, I'm looking forward to being home. I don't care how old I get, this house will be my home. I'm looking forward to seeing my family for the second weekend in a row, eating my mom's yummy cooking, seeing my grandparents and sleeping in the same room as my little sissy.

(...and I'm sure hubs is looking forward to sleeping super late, playing ridiculous amounts of games on the Playstation, golfing with his dad and not cleaning one thing until I call and say I'm on my way home. :))

One of my very best friends (shout out to Emily!) is getting married May 21, and my mom is hosting a bridal shower for her in this very house on Sunday. I am so excited to see her, and even more excited that she (and her future husband!) are moving to Dallas after their wedding.

On a random note, hubs and I went to Snuffer's last night for supper. Can I please just say that I will never, ever get their cheese fries ever again?! I don't know if it was the cheese fries or an early case of menopause (I'm hoping it's the former), but I was up all last night with hot flashes! What the heck!? Poor hubs was cuddled up with all of our blankets and I was over there with the sheets hardly on my body. Y'all, not okay.

Anyway, I'm sure after that TMI you're ready to stop reading, but anyway, happy Friday! I'll be back on Sunday evening with photos. :)

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