Tuesday, March 22, 2011

hey, it's okay.

I'm stealing this "segment" from Stephanie indefinitely. :)

Hey, it's okay...

-That I'm channeling Emma Pillsbury from Glee today:

...yep, totally rocking a gray dress, turquoise cardigan, pearls, blue flats (hello, wedding shoes!) and a curly ponytail. Hey, it's Tuesday. 

(And yes, I'm aware that my spray tan is slowly wearing off and I look like I have some weird disease between my feet and legs. And, for the record, this is the carpet in my office, not my house! Ick.)

-To eat a Dreamsicle popsicle last night when your tummy hurts and have hubs clean up the kitchen.

-To still not have finished reading that Real Simple I was so excited about last week.

-To be looking forward to tonight's dinner at 10:52 a.m. What?

-That I'm totally over doing laundry and cleaning bathrooms. The basket is overflowing and I'm just not in the mood; and the freaking bathrooms get dirty the day after I clean them. I need a maid.

-To eat two three mini bundt cakes for breakfast instead of my protein bar.

-To be very excited that our house hunt has officially gotten underway. It's so stressful, but very fun.

-To really enjoy the "2011 People of Wal-Mart" e-mail my Dad sent me this morning. I'm very concerned about America after seeing that. Gross.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Love it! And I'm over cleaning in general- with a toddler and a messy husband it almost seems pointless. I NEED a maid :) And cute shoes!!


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