Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Okay y'all. This show? Cracks.Me.Up.

Have you ever watched Bethenny Getting Married? Okay, well, this is season two, and now that she's married, it's "Bethenny Ever After."

She is so witty, so funny, and surprisingly real. And Jason? I think he's hilarious. {Can I tell you a secret? Hubs watched it with me last night and we were rolling.}

My favorite quote of last night?
"Part of the reason we want to keep Gina is because it's a very unique household, and I would prefer not to be sued."

It makes my Mondays just a little bit better. :)


  1. Agreed Love it! I also love that food crazy, weird hair guy and how much Bethenny just can't get enough of him. Too funny!

  2. ARGGGH the worst part of not having cable? I REALLY want to see her show! I think she is adorbs!

  3. eeek! this show is soo funny!! I totally agree. That was my favorite quote of the show this week. (I just watched it last night). Love it.


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