Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Wrinkles will only go where smiles have been." 
-Jimmy Buffett

Hubs and I were both talking today about how a perfect Thursday night in college went a little something like this:

Drink wine, go to dinner, go back home and drink some more, go to Scruff's, skip class on Fridays.

Classy, right? 
(My mother would be so ashamed. Sorry, Mom.)

What does a perfect Thursday night look like now?

Some cheap red wine from the grocery store, a steak dinner, Thin Mints and Grey's Anatomy.

...and lots of laughs. Like, out loud, "You sound like a monkey!" there-are-tears laughs. And some major discussions (per Grey's) about whether we think Avery and Lexi really do belong together. And when hubs' brother calls asking him to play golf this weekend, and hubs says (and I quote):

"Can I call you back later? I'm watching my show." {Pause} "Uhhh...Grey's. Yeah." 

Made my night. 

Better than Scruff's? I think so.


  1. I think so too! A good night in our book these days is Scrabble, a couple of DVRed shows and being in bed asleep by 10. We like to live on the edge obvi.

  2. haha i love it! so true.

    I didn't know until now that you came back!! so glad!


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