Tuesday, December 21, 2010


When I purchased this $6 tunic at Target on the non-maternity rack, I thought it'd be cute to wear with leggings (as in the photo below) around town, or maybe to work on a casual Friday. It was cute! It was funky! It was a fun shirt for these 75 degree winter days in Dallas.

So today as I'm getting dressed in my non-maternity tunic, I notice the tag. I notice that it doesn't say "small." It says "2." 

"Hmmmm..." I think to myself. "That's weird."

I pull on my leggings, and then take a look at the tag on the back of the slouchy tunic. 
And what does it say? 

"Liz Lange Maternity." 


But you know what? I wore this comfy maternity tunic all day. With pride. As a completely un-pregnant woman. And frankly, I rocked it!

When I told hubs at lunch that this was from the maternity section, he looked at me with horrified eyes and a facial expression that said, "Please tell me that's all you want to tell me." Don't worry, hubs! That's all I want to tell you!

But I want to tell y'all: look at a tag on a shirt before buying anything on clearance at Target!

(And by the way, that awesome gold mirror is from 7th grade. Gotta love it!)

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