Thursday, December 2, 2010

It Makes Me Happy

Mornings are fun in our house.
They're cozy. Full of routine. The smell of coffee brewing.
I like them.

You probably think we're crazy. Hubs' alarm clock goes off about a half-hour before mine, and I immediately roll over to his warmer, more sunken-in side of the bed. When he finally gets back into the bedroom, my alarm goes off and we turn on the local morning news. The programmable coffee maker starts (oh, what a heavenly gift) and the smell of pumpkin spice Millstone coffee wafts through our little abode.

I do my make-up right by this lovely sight, blinds open, of course:

...and sip my coffee while watching Matt Lauer's snarky self on The Today Show.

The make-up goes back into the drawer, and what fun it is to just remember my grandmother's make-up drawer with her Chanel lipsticks, Perscriptives blush and Estee Lauder foundation.

And while weekday mornings are freakishly cozy, weekend mornings are even better. Hubs likes to wake up and make chocolate chip pancakes and coffee, and we relish in the fact that we get to sleep in. One day (FAR down the road), when children happen, I will miss my sweet sleep.

Mornings make me happy. I'm a morning person.
Take that. :)

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