Wednesday, December 15, 2010


As I mentioned in Monday's post, the hubs and I drink a lot of wine. I'm not quite sure when the wine addiction started, but we love it! 

Anyway, a lot of wine equals a lot of corks, and I just can't bear to part with them!  I like to look back at them and see what wine we drank (Was it just a bottle of Barefoot quickly picked up at the grocery after a really stressful day? Our favorite, Becker Vineyards on my birthday?), and displaying them is a fun way to do that. And plus, I just think there's something romantically fun about corks.

If we weren't in a teeny apartment, I'd display these somewhere other than the top of my dusty refrigerator, but it makes do. :)  The apothecary jar was on sale at Williams-Sonoma (or was it Pottery Barn?) that I got while shopping with my Mom awhile ago, and the hurricane was a wedding gift from Crate & Barrel

And on another random note, I saw a link on E! Online today with the Kardashian's Christmas card. 
I love them, but can we say "freaky?!" 

Those younger girls look so scary, and Kourtney is my favorite, but she looks like a drag queen. 



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