Friday, December 31, 2010

2010, A Year in Review

Looking back on 2010, I realized how incredibly blessed we are. We have an incredible family (our support system), wonderful friends, great jobs, and a cute apartment. 

January brought dinner and drinks with hubby's fraternity brothers.

February brought the biggest snowstorm I've ever seen in Texas. 

In March, my sweet boyfriend got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.

In April, wedding planning began! We spent our first Easter as an engaged couple with my parents.

And in May, I turned by over-highlighted hair back to the original brown, and selected THE dress.

July brought a lot of things: my family to Dallas...

...a second annual trip to the Gulf Coast with hubby's family...

...and hubs' promotion!

In August, we attended some sweltering Texas Rangers baseball games, and I celebrated wedding showers!

September brought my Bachelorette Party/Lingerie Shower, as well as my big shower in my hometown.

And 6 1/2 months after he popped the question, I married my best friend in October...

...and we spent a beautiful honeymoon in Antigua.

And because I took a little bloggy break for awhile, I don't have any photos to upload of Thanksgiving and Christmas (well, you can see a few Christmas photos below). But...

In November, we spent our first married Thanksgiving together with hubby's family, and set up our first Christmas in our apartment together. 

In December, we were so busy! I literally worked, worked, worked! We celebrated hubby's birthday with an evening out, and then celebrated our first Christmas together, just us two. We then traveled to my hometown and spent Christmas with my family. We saw Baylor lose to Illinois in their first Bowl appearance in about 16 years.

And, since I feel that I need to do some "resolutions" that don't include losing weight, here you go:

  • Be more content with my life. Why, you ask? Because I need to be more content with our little apartment and stop craving a house. When the Lord is ready to bless us with a home, He will. Until then, I want to be more satisfied living here. 
  • Stop being so attached to my phone. This speaks for itself. I'm not that important! I need to stop being "that girl" on the sidewalk looking at her phone instead of looking up and enjoying the scenery. 
  •  Understand it's okay to not be super clean all the time. This comes naturally, my friends. I want to challenge myself to just let the bed be unmade for a day, not clean the bathroom counter tops, and let those dishes sit in the dishwasher for a few extra hours. I don't want to miss time out with my husband because I'm cleaning.
  • Become closer to the Lord. This is always a resolution, because I feel like we all have the opportunity and ability to become closer to and learn more about Him. 

Happy 2011, my friends. May it be a very blessed year for you and yours.

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