Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The New House: Some Before-and-Afters {Thus Far}

Hey there, friends. I don't have too many before-and-after pictures to show thus far, since we just moved a little over a week ago and our contractor thinks that going on three weeks (and not showing up for work until 10:30-11 a.m.) is acceptable. (But woosah on that, ha!) 

But we have done a lot to our kitchen, living room, entryway, dining room and guest bedroom, so I wanted to share that with y'all today, as well as a couple of "in progress" pictures of our master bathroom. Once things start progressing in there, I'll share more. 

Here is our entryway before, taken from the pictures from the online listing: 

And here it is as of last night: 

In this room, we kept the original paint color and floors, but stained the banister and replaced the carpet, as well as stained the back of the front door to match the banister. I still need to find something to go on that stairwell wall, as well as a cute chair and small table to go in that little enclave, but other than that, I'm really happy with this progress. 

Banister color is Sherwin Williams Brazilnut {SW 3130} 

Here is our dining room before: 

And here it is as of last night: 

In this room, we kept the original paint color, hung a new chandelier and brought in our dining room table and chairs from our previous home, as well as the mirror -- which is photographing yellow but is actually a beautiful, creamy off-white. 

Chandelier; Table {old, but similar here}; Chairs; Rug; Mirror is an old Pier 1 find

Here is our kitchen before: 

And here it is as of this weekend: 

We did a lot of work to this room and aren't finished yet (namely have to add a can light over the sink where they had a funky pendant light, replace the faucet with this one, and replace all the hardware with brushed nickel). I really wanted the kitchen cabinets extended to the ceiling just to draw the eye up, and we logistically needed a place for our microwave. So, after scouring Pinterest, I was able to provide a couple of pictures to our carpenter, who made our kitchen dreams come true. 

Instead of getting all new cabinets, he added an extension to the top of them, moved the existing crown moulding up, and gave us a small space to store things with glass-front cabinet doors. Our painter came behind him and painted all the extensions and the doors. For the microwave and wine fridge, he added an entire section of cabinet, which allowed us to have both appliances, as well as storage above and a place to house wine glasses. 

Light fixture; table; chairs; wire rack is a Canton Trade Days find, but here is something similar

Here is our living room before: 

And here it was as of this weekend {with the lovely pink contractor paper on the floor}: 

We also did a lot in this room, and really all we kept was the original paint color. They had a ton of big, bulky, dark furniture in this room and so we: changed the fan, added built-in cabinets to the left of the fireplace to match the right side, and just didn't add *as much* décor to the built-ins. 

A lot of my shelving décor are finds from Canton's Trade Days so unfortunately I don't have sources. :( I'm not fully done in this room yet; I need to find another, lighter lamp for the built-ins, change up what's beneath the console table and since the picture was taken, I have replaced the sofa pillows with these from Wheaton Whaley Designs. 

Couch; chairs; coffee table; small table between chairs is a Hobby Lobby find, but this is the exact one; console table; rug is a random find from The Dump

And finally, the guest room. This room was a lovely shade of hunter green (on the walls and ceilings) before. Yikes!

In this room, we painted the ceiling and walls, changed the fan and all of the carpet upstairs to include this room. 

Paint Colors: Walls - Sherwin Williams Sea Salt (SW 6204); Ceiling - Sherwin Williams Extra White (SW 7006) 

Headboard; nightstand 

The bedding (including sheets, pillow and dust ruffle) are Home Goods finds; the plates were hand-painted by my great-grandmother; the mirror was Brandon's grandmother's; and the candle sticks and lamp are also Home Goods finds. 

So, we have a long way to go, but we are slowly but surely getting there, one box at a time. :)

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Monday, April 16, 2018


Happy Monday, friends! Apologies for that weeklong radio silence; it's been a bit busier than I anticipated moving, having a revolving door of contractors in the house, and of course, doing my wife and mom duties. :) 

Anyway, we had a wonderful weekend that was filled with house projects and a little bit of fun, too. Here's what we were up to: 


+ Brandon brought the boys donuts, so they enjoyed a fun, sugary breakfast. Any morning that starts with donuts is always a good one, right?!

+ We picked up groceries from our new {awesome} Walmart, and I was reminded again why I do their free grocery pickup service with two boys who were wild and crazy after that donut breakfast. Ha! If you've never tried Walmart's free grocery pickup, you can use my referral code here for $10 off your first pickup order. I can never go back to traditional grocery shopping! 

+ After our Walmart trip, the boys had tons of fun playing outside in the puddles from the previous day's and morning's rain. Hearing their sweet giggles just made my morning! They were so messy, so I gave them a bath and we had some lunch before nap time. 

+ We usually have pizza on Friday nights, and since the weather was so gorgeous, we put our pizza on paper plates and had our first al fresco dining experience on the patio. It was a fun little Friday night! 

+ Once the boys were in bed, we grabbed a bottle of wine from the Winc gift my friend Laura gifted us for my birthday/moving. I had never heard of this site before, but it's so neat! It's basically a personalized wine club and you can decide to be a member or not. You can order on the site yourself, or you can give it as a gift to someone, which is what Laura did for us. Anyway, we had an awesome Pinot Noir and watched "The Greatest Showman," which we loved! I have got to order the soundtrack for both Brandon and my cars because we adored it!


+ I took Walker to a local children's theater to see a play, "Curious George: The Golden Meatball." It was so cute and perfect for his first "theater" experience. He was so excited to see George, The Man with the Yellow Hat and Chef Pisgetti. I loved having a little one-on-one time with my biggest little guy! 

These are my very favorite white jeans ever! You can find them here

+ I made a Target run while the boys were taking naps and Brandon hung new light fixtures throughout the house, and then Brandon's brother, our sister-in-law, nieces and my in-law's came over to see the house. 

+ We had a little family night out to a local Mexican restaurant, and then we all came home and crashed after a long day. 


+ We were all set to try out a new church {as in, I had ironed outfits Saturday night and everything!} but Knox woke up with a horrible cough, so we decided to stay home for his benefit and the benefit of the other kids in the church nursery. 

+ So, I put my Crock Pot Shepherd's Pie in the slow cooker, threw my hair up in a bun and we did house projects all day while tending to sweet Knox, so, no pictures for this day. ;) 


I'll be back on Wednesday with some house progress pictures! Thanks for bearing with me as we get all settled in our new home. :) 

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Friday, April 6, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!

It's a busy weekend over here: today is move-out and move-in day -- and my 31st birthday is tomorrow! We won't be doing anything for my birthday other than unpacking boxes, but I'm A-okay with that. 

But, before we go today, were able to get one last picture in front of our beloved 114 earlier this week and I'm so thankful to have this to remember our sweet first house by. We love you, 114! 

Speaking of the house, we've had lots of progress made this week, and I feel like our carpenter and painter are working double-time to get this stuff finished. (Our contractor for our bathrooms...not so much.) Here's a bit of stuff that has been worked on this week: 

+ Cabinet-to-ceiling extension and built-in area for the microwave and wine fridge 
{This has now been primed and painted, and we will have the doors for the upper areas next week. They're glass-front so that's taking a little longer.} 

+ Pocket door in the master bedroom/closet
{This has since been completed and painted. Woo hoo!} 

+ Built-ins to match right side of the fireplace 
{This has also been completed and painted; we're just waiting on cabinet doors} 

We have had the weirdest weather in Texas this week. Monday was cold, Tuesday was hot and humid {followed by a weird out-of-the-blue rainstorm and then sunshine}, Wednesday was cold again, yesterday was actually quite nice, today it's supposed to thunderstorm (because of course, moving day!) and tomorrow it's supposed to be in the upper 50's. Seriously, I think Texas must be drinking a little. So needless to say, this back-and-forth weather made packing our clothes quite the challenge this week and I found myself rifling through boxes to find long-sleeve shirts and jackets one day and shorts and sandals the next! Ugh! 

Is the weather weird where you are? 

I can't believe I'm going to be 31 tomorrow. For some reason, 30 didn't bother me, but 31 feels so much older. This time last year, we were in Charleston on a fabulous vacation; oh my word, take me back! {Also, if you've never been to Charleston, I would so recommend it! It's one of my favorite cities! You can read my vacation recaps from that city here and here.} 

I love Natives for my boys, but I honestly hate the price tag for something they grow out of so quickly. So when I saw these at Target for $14.99, I had to scoop them up! They're technically girls', but they honestly could go either way to me. Also, I found similar ones at Old Navy {here} on sale for $13.99 for Walker (but accidentally ordered a size too big, so I'm hanging on to them for when he can fit into them) and even Walmart! Unfortunately, I can't find the Walmart ones online, but they were $4 and some change (and were navy/white) and so I got the boys each a pair for this summer and next summer. Can't beat that! Walmart has been killing it in the shoe game lately. 

I hope y'all have great weekends! I'm off to get the last remaining things packed in boxes and meet the movers here in a couple of hours! :)

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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

What's Hap-pinning Wednesday: New Home Tour {Before}

Happy Wednesday, friends! I feel like I've been keeping the biggest secret for over a month and now there's such a relief now that it's out of the bag. We kept it a little close to the vest since we didn't want to jinx anything until it was officially ours, so thanks for understanding. 

Regarding the house situation, we found "our house" in mid-Feburary. It went on the market on a Thursday, we went to see it Friday, and by Friday evening we had put an offer on it -- and it was accepted. So, we quickly put our former house on the market in late February and sold it in 24 hours and we were signing the contract in about 36 hours. We had a lot of showings, multiple offers {thank the Lord for that!} and were able to select from those offers, which was a huge blessing. Another huge blessing is that our buyer has been amazing and has allowed us to lease back {for free!!!} until this Saturday. Honestly, the Lord's provision throughout this whole process has been so evident. 

So, as I mentioned above, we are moving this weekend, which just so happens to be my birthday. What a birthday present, right?! We are so thrilled with our beautiful new home and are so thankful for it. But, we are doing some things to make it "ours." A lot of it is cosmetic, but the biggest change will be the complete gut job we're doing to the master bathroom. I can't wait to share with y'all the progress and after pictures when this is all eventually done. (Also, these pictures are pulled from Redfin with all the seller's décor, so apologies for the quality.) 

\\ Front of the house 
+ Other than some cosmetic things to the landscaping and changing out the carriage lights to different ones, we aren't making many changes here. 

\\ Entryway 
+ We are replacing the carpet (which is on the stairs and all upstairs, save for the bathrooms) and staining the bannister a dark walnut. I actually liked the majority of the paint colors the seller used, so I don't have to change that much paint, which is great! We are also ultimately changing out all the bronze hardware throughout the house to brushed nickel. 

\\ Dining room 
+ We are only changing the light fixture out in this room 

\\ Study 
+ Whew, lots going on in here. Since there aren't any can lights in this room, we are replacing the ceiling fan (because #Texas) with a more updated, clean one and will also have a lot less in this room than the seller. ;) 

\\ Living room 
+ We are replacing that ceiling fan with a more updated, clean-looking "hugger" ceiling fan (because again, #Texas); having the built-ins to the left of the fireplace match the ones on the right, and our ultimate goal far down the road would be pane-less windows and plantation shutters -- but again, that's a long way away. 

\\ Kitchen 
+ We are having our carpenter extend our cabinets to the ceiling and add us another set of cabinets (almost to where the gray hutch the seller's have on the wall) that will house a built-in microwave and wine fridge. There is currently no microwave in this house! (What?!) We are also replacing that light fixture over the breakfast table and completely removing the light fixture above the sink and replacing it with a can light, as well as replacing all the hardware from bronze to brushed nickel. Our ultimate goal down the road (like 10 years down the road) is to replace the granite and knock down the wall over the cooktop that separates the kitchen and living room to make it more open concept. 

\\ Master bedroom
We aren't doing much in here other than adding crown moulding, replacing the ceiling fan and adding different draperies/hardware. 

\\ Master bathroom 
+ Okay, this is where the big job is going to be. We are: replacing the flooring; removing the shower and tub and replacing it with a seamless shower with subway tile (that will go up higher than the faux marble currently there) and a separate soaking tub; removing the vanity and replacing it with a custom vanity with quartz, undermount oval sinks, and two framed mirrors; replacing the light fixtures and the hardware, and replacing the toilet; and you can't see the closet here, but they only had two hanging racks total in the closet (yikes) so we are adding more racks, built-in shoe shelves and storage shelves, as well as a center island with drawers and a pocket door on the closet (it currently has an extra-wide opening with no doors on it at all). 

\\ Guest bathroom 
+ We are painting this room, replacing the flooring, adding quartz to the countertops (with oval undermount sinks), a new toilet, a white framed mirror, and replacing all the hardware from bronze to brushed nickel. Our ultimate 5-10+ year goal in here would be to replace the faux-marble with subway tile, add a new shower door, and do plantation shutters on that little window. 

\\ Boys' bathroom: 
+ We are painting these rooms all one color, replacing the flooring, adding quartz countertops and oval undercount sinks, adding white framed mirrors and replacing the hardware from bronze to brushed nickel. Their tub is a "tub fitter" (all one piece of plastic) and the shower head is coming straight out of the drywall, so we are replacing that with a regular bathtub and adding subway tile with dark grout that goes to the ceiling (and of course, a new shower head that comes out of the tile). Our ultimate goal in here would be to remove the traditional door that separates the vanities from the lavatory, and add a pocket door (if space allows), but that's far down the road. 

Other places not pictured that we're doing work to is our laundry room (currently a beautiful shade of lime green) -- that will be painted and we are adding a pocket door there instead of the traditional door. The room is so small and you actually have to shut the door so you can do laundry -- no thank you! We're also painting the boys' bedrooms and the guest bedroom, as well as doing some work on the hall bath (replacing flooring, removing the pedestal sink and replacing it with a vanity, replacing the toilet and updating all the fixtures). 

So, I'm excited y'all are going on this journey with us and can't wait to share with you our progress! :) 

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Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter Weekending

We had a wonderful Easter weekend and made lots of memories. It was also quite the opposite of our "normal" Easter weekend and I'll admit that I'm feeling all out of sorts with the move and everything in our house practically packed away. I had to have Brandon dig around to find the boys' Easter baskets last week; I had no clue what Walker was going to wear on Easter Sunday until Saturday morning; and we didn't do any fun Easter crafts or bake any fun Easter treats like we normally do. I'll admit that the Mom Guilt has seeped in just a little bit, but I also know that the kids don't care so long as there's candy, and we celebrate the true reason for Easter: Jesus. 

So here's a bit of what we were up to this weekend {in between taking loads of boxes to our new house}: 


+ We saw the Easter Bunny! Of course, it took me driving all across DFW to find one, but alas, Grapevine Mills delivered {and with two people ahead of us in line, natch}. 

And since I was in a "Hey-It's-Friday-and-We're-Already-Here-So-Why-the-Heck-Not" mood, the boys had a turn at Build-A-Bear {minus all the expensive add-ons, thankyouverymuch} and a mini cookie from Great American Cookie Co., followed by lunch at Chick-fil-A and a trip to the new house to meet with contractors and say hello to Brandon who came over after his half-day to meet with the contractors, too. 

+ Our dinnertime plans were so much fun: Mi Cocina with our friends who just moved to Austin -- but were in town for Easter. I cried happy tears at having all eight of us back together again...and I'm pretty sure Walker felt the same. :)


+ We did house stuff all morning long, and if you saw my Insta Stories, I gave a little preview of the new casa and some of the stuff we're having done to it. {If you missed it, I'll do a recap on Wednesday here on the blog.} 

+ Saturday evening was a pre-Easter dinner and egg hunt at my friend's mom's house (the one who just moved to Austin but was in town for the holiday weekend). Her mother had barbeque catered in and we all enjoyed a delicious meal, visiting, watching the kids hunt eggs and laughing at the crazy boys all together again. 


+ I woke up to the sound of a certain four-year-old rifling around in his Easter basket -- and his brother's. ;) Thankfully the Easter Bunny visited soon after bedtime on Saturday night! Ha! 

+ Once Knox was awake, the boys had breakfast and got to go through their goodies, and then it was off to get dressed for church. 

+ We joined my in-law's for church Sunday morning, then made a stop afterwards at the new house to drop some more stuff off for the contractors. And we had a really fancy Sonic lunch on the floor of the new house in our church clothes before coming home for naps. (It was about this point that the Mom Guilt really started to seep through and I felt awful that my kids were missing out on time in my hometown with their great-grandparents and grandparents -- and all the yummy "normal" Easter food...)

+ The rest of the afternoon was spent resting, packing the car for another trip to the new house to take stuff over today, and I made our last official meal in this house: tenderloin, potato casserole and asparagus orzo. It was bittersweet and I'll admit I cried stirring the casserole together. But I know great things await, and I know it's not about how you celebrate Easter --whether Sonic on the floor or a fancy brunch at the Waldorf -- but the fact you do and remember why it is we celebrate: He is Risen! 

I'm off to fold a load of laundry that's been sitting on my couch for 24+ hours (whoops) and meet a contractor at the new house -- the real world awaits. Happy Monday, friends!

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