Monday, August 20, 2018


Happy Monday! This is our last few days before school starts on Thursday (Pre-K for Walker and two-day 2's for Knox), so we're hopefully off to do some fun things early this week. But here's a little bit of what we were up to this weekend: 


+ We picked Brandon up from the airport after a week away {hallelujah!} and went to have brunch. Really, it was lunch, but we were grateful our local breakfast place serves breakfast fare until 2 p.m. ;) Chocolate milk and chocolate chip waffles + bacon for the boys; chicken and waffles for Brandon; and California Eggs Benedict for me and all was right in our world. 

And yes, in case you're wondering, we fell off the Keto wagon this last week with both of us traveling, but we're back on it today! 

+ The boys swam with Brandon after their naps and I picked up cookies for a baby sprinkle I was helping host on Saturday. 

+ We watched most of "Coco" together as a family, and once the boys were in bed, Brandon and I watched what felt like a million episodes of "Bachelor in Paradise" to get caught up. Then I experimented with my new microneedling tool before heading to bed. {Note: Loved the tool! I feel like I can already tell a difference in my skin in terms of smoothness after only three uses.} 


+ I helped throw a little baby sprinkle for my friend Emily {we went to high school together}, who is expecting a baby boy next month. She already has a little girl, and it was so fun to celebrate this baby boy and his mommy! Can't wait to meet him and love on him so soon!

I wore this dress which I just love! 

+ I took a giant nap after the shower, which was so welcomed! We had some random pop-up storms in the evening, so the boys had a ball running around outside in the rain while Brandon and I sat on the covered patio laughing at their sheer delight over something as simple as rain. To be a kid again! 


+ We went to church, where it was Promotion Sunday! Walker is officially in the Pre-K class and Knox is in the older 2's class and I just can't believe it. 

+ We came home for lunch, cleaning, laundry and -- glorious naps. Walker asked to nap with Brandon and me and so we let him...but he booted us out with his snoring. We were giggling at the "King of the Castle" -- a four-year-old in a big ol' King-sized bed. ;)

+ I figured since we were off the Keto wagon, I might as well go ahead and bake some chocolate chip cookies. Ha! 

+ The boys swam while I folded laundry and got supper made {I made this yummy low-carb "spaghetti"}. We had a glass of wine and watched some TV before calling it a night. 

I hope y'all have wonderful weeks! 

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Friday, August 17, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, y'all!

Have y'all heard of Winc? I hadn't until my friend Laura sent us a Winc gift card recently and I thought it was the coolest thing. It's basically a personalized wine club that, once you do a palate profile, customizes wine for you (or you can just choose some of your own) and ships it free to your front door. Pretty cool, right? I made another order a couple of weeks ago and Winc gave me this code for y'all to earn a complimentary bottle of wine! (And bonus was when I ordered, Ebates was offering $20 cash back for my purchase, so I spent $15 total on four bottles of wine!!! Also, if you're not using need to.) Not sponsored, just obsessed.

Brandon was out of the country this week on business, so the boys and I packed up shop and headed to my hometown for a few days earlier in the week. It was a short trip, but so good for the soul. My poor grandmother recently fell and broke her pelvis in two places, and so I just really wanted to be home and see her and my grandfather (and my parents, too, of course). She's doing well and I'm thankful for that. It's just hard to live four hours away from my family sometimes, and this was one of those instances. (But I'm grateful it's the same state and still in driving distance. I can't imagine those of you who live thousands of miles and plane rides away from family.) 

We visited my grandparents twice, rode in the Mule, went for a boat ride, ate watermelon on the patio, visited our local rock shop (such a cool place!) and my mom's store, Walker went for his first airplane ride with my dad, the boys both laid out on the driveway and looked at the stars/constellations/planets/moon with my dad, and just enjoyed being at home. 

I mentioned last week that we were doing the Keto diet, so I wanted to share a bit about that here since I've had a few questions about the diet itself, why we're doing it and of course, the all-important question: what we're eating! 

So first, Keto is basically a very low-carb, low-to-no sugar, high-fat diet with a few restrictions. You can read all about the Keto diet here because I want to spare you if you have no interest in this at all. 

That said, Brandon and I both wanted to lose about five pounds (me) and 10 pounds (him) that just wouldn't budge with eating healthy and working out alone. For me, it was the last five pounds to reach my goal weight post-babies (what I weighed at our wedding and at which I felt healthiest) and for him, it was his weight at which he feels the healthiest. So, after talking with a lot of friends who have done this (and are currently doing it), we decided to try it for a week to see what we thought. That week has now turned into two and heading into week three. I've lost my five pounds, but it's more than that: I feel less bloated, I sleep better at night and I feel much more full when I eat since I'm not loading my body with carbs. (And let me tell you: I love me some carbs and don't discriminate. Give me all the pastas, breads, crackers and wine!) 

The first four days were killer to me. I was absolutely exhausted and, even though I've never experienced actual withdrawal symptoms from anything toxic, I did feel as though my body was going through carbohydrate withdrawal and I was very, very tired. I would equate the tiredness to the first trimester of pregnancy exhaustion where you just can't keep your eyes open, have to have a nap and are just generally foggy. This is real and called the "Keto Flu." Ugh! But I woke up on Day 5 and felt like I had so much energy, even though I hadn't slept at all the night before due to storms in our area, and I noticed the lack of bloat after two days. 

Now, please know that we're totally human and have had a few glasses of wine here and there. I just can't give up an occasional glass -- especially with two boys home for the summer before preschool begins -- but it hasn't affected me like it usually does. I'm happy to answer any questions anyone has in the comments! 

As far as what we're eating, I have a Pinterest board here that has been a huge help. (What would I do without Pinterest?!) Some favorite recipes have included: Low Carb Meatball Casserole, Low Carb Crustless Taco Pie, Pecan Peanut Butter Fat Bombs, Low Carb/Sugar Free Mousse, and this Keto Bacon Ranch Chicken.    

I recently started and finished two great books: "When Life Gives You Lululemons" and "The Secret to Southern Charm." I loved them both! You know when you miss the characters when a book is over that it was a good book, and I felt this way about both of them. Highly recommend them both. 

I have nothing else for you this week except to share how excited I am that Brandon will be home today! It's of course always difficult when he travels -- especially with kids -- (as I know those of you with traveling spouses can attest to), but it's even harder when it's another country and a totally different time zone. Needless to say, we're excited to pick him up at the airport today and hug his neck!  

My shirt is from Southern Stix Boutique and I *love* it! 

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

What's Hap-pinning Wednesday: Some House Befores + Afters

Happy Wednesday, friends! I'm excited to link up with Jessi and Jenn today to share a few before-and-after pictures of our new house. 

It's definitely a slow process and I'm nowhere near finished with this house! At our old house, I would just buy stuff to fill the space so I could check off the "having it completed box" -- even though I didn't 100% love it...and so I was never truly satisfied and always ended up not loving my décor, paint colors, etc. So, Brandon and I have both been on a mission to truly love our home and everything in it, and we love filling it with sentimental pieces, too. And so that means that we're living with some bare walls until we can find exactly what we love and want to hang on them; fixtures and hardware we aren't fans of until we can afford to replace it all at once; and upstairs bathrooms straight out of 1995 until we save up enough to have them completed. 

Here are some before-and after pictures (all "before" pictures via MLS): 

Entry before: 

Entry after:

Dining room before: 

Dining room after:

Living room before: 

Living room after:

Study/office before: 

Study/office after: 

Kitchen before: 

Kitchen after: 

Master bathroom before: 

Master bathroom after: 

We still have a long way to go upstairs and in our master bedroom especially, but we are thrilled with how far our house has come! If you have any questions about paint colors, décor, etc., please let me know in the comments and I'd be happy to let you know what it is/where it came from. There's just so much here that I'd spend forever linking everything! :)

Monday, August 13, 2018


Happy Monday, friends! We had a super low-key weekend as it rained a lot here. We spent a lot time in pajamas, taking naps while it poured outside and enjoyed a lot of much-needed family time. Here's a bit of what we were up to: 


+ Brandon had his lovely Summer Friday, where he got home by 11:30 a.m. It's so nice to have a few extra hours with him to kick off the weekend. 

+ He took Walker on a little surprise "date," -- some one-on-one time to Medieval Times before school starts next week. He had a ball and I'm so glad they got to do something special. 

+ Meanwhile, Knox and I had a little date of our own! We ran to Old Navy (before I remembered it was Texas Tax-Free Weekend and quickly grabbed what we needed and got out of there as quickly as possible), and then had dinner at his choice, Chick-fil-A. We then came home and watched "Fireman Sam," gave him a bath and got him to bed right as Brandon and Walker got home. 

I got a lot of questions on Instagram about this towel. We got it four years ago from Target, but here is the newer version!


+ It was a rainy morning, so Brandon made breakfast, the boys donned Medieval Times crowns and I cleaned the entire house, top to bottom. It was so nice to sit on the couch with a cup of coffee after all that cleaning! We all took 2+ hour naps in the afternoon, which was amazing. 

+ Saturday evening, we all got dressed and headed over to my in-laws' house for little family dinner and get together. We all visited for a while, let the kids play and stay up well past their bedtimes and came home with full bellies and tired eyes! 

My shirt is here and earrings are from my mom's store 


+ We did absolutely nothing all morning. Brandon had an early flight, so we spent some time together and dropped him off at the airport. The boys took naps, we watched Disney movies on TV and played in the afternoon, and we're gearing up for a fun last week of summer before school starts next week!

Have wonderful weeks! 

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