Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Easy, Cheap Fall Décor

When fall hits Texas, we have this glorious season for about two months. It's my absolute favorite season, hence why we got married in October! :) I love to decorate for fall, but I don't like to spend a ton of money. I've had most of my fall décor for five years or more, and I purchased most of it from Dollar Tree or the dollar aisle at Target. 

As y'all may know, I'm not a crafter. I just don't craft. I'm {sadly} no Martha. 

But when I saw these precious little acorns in our front yard, I knew I had to do something with them. I started collecting them last week and kept them in a Ziploc bag in our kitchen for "safe keeping." I wasn't sure what I was going to do, but I knew it was something! 

Then I realized I needed something "fall" to put on my little kitchen island, and came up with the easy idea of putting the acorns in a square vase, plopping a candle in the middle and calling it a day. It's nothing spectacular, innovative or difficult; I just thought it was cute and wanted to share it with y'all! 

The total cost of this was $2.89: the cost of the candle I picked up at Target yesterday. {You can buy cheaper ones at dollar stores, but I was already there -- and had Walker -- so it was easier to just make one trip with the little guy!} The acorns were obviously free, and Walker had a fun time helping me find them in the front yard! I have had the square vase since Brandon and I got married, and it came from Michael's. 

Happy Fall, Y'all! 

Monday, October 5, 2015


Happy Monday! We had a fun, full weekend, so let's get to it! 

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I met my in-law's at an awesome park near their house so Walker could play and they could spend some time with him. He had so much fun and bawled when we had to leave! 

We had a lazy rest of our day and evening. We ate leftovers for dinner and Brandon and I watched "Unbroken" after Walker went to bed. {We weren't fans, which was disappointing because we had heard such great things!} 

We had absolutely gorgeous fall weather, so we went on a walk and stopped off at our local track to let the boys play soccer and football and run around like crazies. ;) 

That afternoon was our friend Brandon's 30th birthday party. His wife did such a great job hosting the party at their house with every food and drink you could imagine! 

If you follow me on Snapchat {brittwhit87} you saw that this is how Walker decided to hang out during the party. On the floor. *Sigh*

That evening, we went on another walk; I made my Aunt Katherine's chili; and we watched more "Friday Night Lights." 

We met our friends Ashley, Steve and their daughter Caroline at the State Fair of Texas! I have lived in Texas my entire life -- and in Dallas for nearly seven years -- and I had never been to the Fair before yesterday! 

Even though it was very overwhelming and there were a ton of people everywhere, we had a great time! We were so shocked at the generosity of the people there: we were given free tickets by the people we were chatting in line; Brandon only had to pay four tickets {instead of 20} to ride the log ride with Walker; I got a free refill of my giant lemonade from a sweet concessions worker; and she let me stand there and drink it and refilled me a bit more. As Pat Green said, "I like Texas…!

Walker and sweet Caroline 

Brandon ate a milk chocolate pecan bacon on a stick. Surprisingly, it wasn't bad!

We got home and Walker took a three-hour nap; it was glorious! I even fell asleep on the couch for a little bit, too. 

He and Brandon washed both of our cars; I made this for a quick and easy dinner; and then we watched some of the Cowboys game before calling it an early night. 

I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend! I can't wait to read all about them! 

Friday, October 2, 2015


Happy Friday! 

Now that fall weather decided to arrive in Texas -- just in time for the first day of October -- I busted out my new sweatpants. They are seriously the most comfy, soft sweatpants I've ever owned. And bonus? They have pockets! Y'all, I totally wore them all afternoon yesterday and even slept in them. Oops! 

I was so excited to test out Yves St. Laurent's newest fragrance, Black Opium, from Influenster. I've always loved deep and earthy, yet feminine scents, and this one didn't disappoint. So much so that I've added it to my Christmas list! {Brandon, cough, cough!} 

The Top Notes are mandarin, pink pepper and pear; the Middle Notes are jasmine, orange blossom and solar flower accord; and the Base Notes are cedarwood, patchouli, vanilla and coffee. It's definitely a sensual, feminine, unique smell and I love it! 

Sweet Liz is taking our family portraits next month, so naturally I'm already planning our outfits. {Read: mine. ;) } I'm planning to wear my J. Crew Herringbone Vest, and I love the simplicity of pairing it with a striped shirt, jeans and leopard flats. Do you have the coveted J. Crew Herringbone Vest? I finally bit the bullet this summer and bought one from J. Crew Factory to save a little money. 

Here's what I'm thinking, via

I had to double-check myself Wednesday night to be sure of the correct couples monogram etiquette…and then I remembered that both Brandon and my friday names begin with "B," so I guess it didn't really matter either way! Ha! But, I love this handy married couples monogram etiquette guide to serve as a constant reminder. Nothing makes me cringe more than seeing the man's first initial first. Eeek! 

I'll just leave you with this little gem to start your weekend. Walker nailed it. ;)

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday: My All-Time Favorite Nail Polishes

I absolutely love manicures and pedicures. If I need to escape for some "me" time, you will very likely find me at my favorite nail salon, having a glass of wine and getting my hands and feet pampered. 

Through the years, I've tried many different nail polishes, only to keep coming back to the same few. I'll usually buy them online, but sometimes I'll get them in the store and take it with me to the nail salon. I love having the color at home so I can fix any nicks or chips, because I'm so graceful {sarcasm} that I usually do something to a nail or two by the time I get home! 

Here are my favorites, both from OPI and Essie. {I've tried other brands, but I keep coming back to these, too!}


one || two || three || four


five || six || seven || eight

What about you? What are your favorite nail polish colors and/or brands?

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What's Up Wednesday: September 2015

Happy Wednesday! Holy cow, y'all, I can't believe it's already the last day of September and October is TOMORROW! 

I'm joining together with Mel, Shaeffer and Shay for "What's Up Wednesday"…

…to answer the following questions: 

So let's get to it! 

{1} What We're Eating This Week:
We've been eating a lot of recipes that are in my grandmother's family cookbook, including something called "Thelma's Chicken," one called "Mozell's Meatloaf," and a yummy oven-fried chicken recipe. On the Pinterest side of things, we've had Bowtie Lasagna, which, if you've never made, is super easy and really kid-friendly! 

{2} What I'm Reminiscing About: 
Our five-year anniversary is next week, so I've been doing a lot of reminiscing about our wedding. Five years went by in the blink of an eye! It's true what they say, "The days are long, but the years are short." I feel like that quote can be attributed to many things, including raising children! 

Side note: We were babies!!! 

{3} What I'm Loving 
Even though this time of the year is super busy for us, I'm loving this season! Fall brings with it so many fun traditions and memories, and I'm loving that Walker is old enough to participate in them this year. From the pumpkin patch, to Halloween, to carnivals, to Thanksgiving, I can't wait for our little guy to experience it this year. 

Just for grins, here is Walker last year -- I can't believe how much he's grown! 

{4} What We've Been Up To
We have been busy little bees lately! Or, maybe I should say Walker has? His social calendar is fuller than mine! ;) 

He started once-weekly Mother's Day Out earlier this month; we've had play dates with friends; Brandon and I got to sneak away for a date night; Walker got a haircut; and we've been busy continuing our little "Tot School!" 

{5} What I'm Dreading 
I know this probably makes me a horrible person, but I much prefer Thanksgiving to Christmas. Hear me out, though. The best parts about the former holiday is that you get together with family without the added pressure of gift-giving and receiving and making long-hauls to visit family who sometimes get on your nerves. You are just together with family, spending time with each other and eating…not worrying about all that other petty stuff. 

So, I guess it's not that I'm "dreading" Christmas itself, but I'm dreading all the petty nonsense that manages to slip its way into the holiday season. ;) 

{6} What I'm Working On
Walker has been trying to climb out of his crib for a couple of days now, so I know the big-boy room is going to come soon enough. So, I'm working on some inspiration boards for what I want his room to look like. Not too big, but not too little, either, and definitely a place where he can play. Here are some of my favorites, all from my Pinterest board

{7} What I'm Excited About
Taking Walker to the pumpkin patch next month; carving jack-o-lanterns; dressing him up for Halloween and of course, Halloween candy! Oh! And taking Walker to his very first Baylor Homecoming next month, too! #allthingsfall

{8} What I'm Watching/Reading 
We are still heavily into "Friday Night Lights," and I recently started "Gilmore Girls," too. Netflix for the win! And of course, now that all of our fall TV shows are back, those, too! I'm still reading Dr. James Dobson's "The Strong-Willed Child" and am really loving it. I need to go to my local library and see if they have "The Royal We," because I heard it's great!

{9} What I'm Listening To
We are still listening to Walker's favorite CD, of which I wake up singing and have the songs in my dreams. Other than that, my Sirius radio in the car has me jamming to the 90s station quite frequently! 

{10} What I'm Wearing 
On most days, you can typically find me in my favorite yoga pants and a T-shirt, but I've been trying to wear some non-mom-uniform clothes lately! Unfortunately, I have no pictures to that because I'm not very good at it. Ha! 

{11} What I'm Doing This Weekend
This weekend is our friend Brandon's 30th birthday, so his sweet wife is throwing him a party. He is a Texas Tech Red Raider, and we are proud Baylor Bears, and the teams happen to be playing each other on Saturday just in time for the party. Here's hoping Baylor tears into Tech! {Please, Baylor, please!}

{12} What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month
Everything fall: taking Walker to the pumpkin patch; Halloween; our five-year anniversary; Baylor Homecoming; celebrating friends' and families' birthdays; and #allthingsfall. 

*Bonus Question: What is My Favorite Halloween Tradition:
Since we've been married, I make homemade baked potato soup, we carve pumpkins while listening to spooky Halloween music, and we watch creepy Halloween movies on TV. It's such a fun tradition that I hope to continue on with Walker and our future kids!

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