Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! 

I blogged earlier this week about our quick trip to Scottsdale for our anniversary. You can read all about it here. It was such a fun time and was just so beautiful! 

Yesterday I shared my favorite fall looks; you can read that post here! I'm sure thankful of this semi-fall weather we've had here in Texas this week and am praying it stays around for a while so I can wear some of my fall wardrobe. 

Brandon took the day off work on Monday so we could have a special family day -- and we went to the State Fair of Texas! It was Knox's first time and it was so much fun. We got the picture with Big Tex, of course, and then rode tons of rides before visiting the farm animals and grabbing a funnel cake. It was the most perfect day, too, which made it even more fun. And the boys came home and took epic naps. ;) We can't wait until next year! 

Knox recently had a completely horrible diaper rash that was nothing that Walker had ever had before. It was so red and bless his little heart, he had two little blisters on his bum and would just scream, shake and cry every time we changed his diaper. A girl from church recommended this diaper rash cream and while I was hesitant at first {I'm loyal to Triple Paste} -- it worked wonders! I had never heard of it before she recommended it, but I will always have a bottle on hand moving forward until he no longer wears diapers. This is definitely a mom recommendation! #momlife

I am pretty darn obsessed with matching holiday-themed jammies for the boys, so when I saw these on sale at Old Navy last week, I had to scoop them up! Old Navy has been knocking it out of the park with their 30-40% off sale prices lately. Can't wait to have the boys open up this pair on Christmas Eve! 

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thoughts for Thursday: My Favorite Fall Looks

Let's be real: North Texas (where I live) gets about one or two weeks a year of amazingly gorgeous fall weather. Meaning I can wear a long-sleeve T-shirt, jeans and booties and not sweat my rear end off. There are no heavy jackets, scarves, layers or anything of that sort until about, oh, January or February. I love me some Texas, but its lack of seasons is really annoying. 

Maybe that's why I'm so into fall fashion...that whole "You want what you can't have" mentality, I guess. That said, here are my favorite fall looks/pieces right now: 

What are your favorites?

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

What's Hap-pinning Wednesday: Scottsdale Vacation Recap

Our trip to Scottsdale was wonderful! We had such a great time relaxing, catching up with each other (sometimes I swear it feels like we're two ships passing in the night) and celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary -- lucky #7! 


+ My in-law's came over bright and early Friday morning to watch the boys until my mom could drive up to stay with them for the weekend. And about 45 minutes after we left, we got a call from my mother-in-law, who said Knox had gotten sick. So of course I was worried half to death and hated that I wasn't there for my baby when he wasn't feeling well -- and of course felt awful that I left my mother-in-law and mom with a stomach virus going around. I honestly wasn't really able to relax until Saturday morning, but that's okay. We are so thankful for parents who are willing to watch our kiddos and love on them like we would, and take them to the doctor and clean and sanitize my house! (Thankfully my mom said Knox was fever- and sickness-free by Saturday morning.) 

+ We headed to the airport and flew out to Scottsdale! We rented a car and drove straight to lunch at The Mission in Old Town Scottsdale. We get really good Tex-Mex here in Dallas, but we wanted some delicious Southwestern/Latin food while we were in Arizona, and this place didn't disappoint! We ate on the patio and shared the tableside guacamole; I got the crispy rock shrimp tacos and a blood orange margarita; and Brandon got the pork shoulder tacos and a Primarita margarita. 

+ After lunch, we explored Old Town Scottsdale for a bit and enjoyed popping in and out of shops and picked up a couple of souvenirs for the boys and ourselves. 

+ We then drove to our hotel, Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Gainey Ranch. The pictures don't do it justice; it was a gorgeous hotel with beautiful views and was all around just a great place to stay. The staff was wonderful, the hotel was super quiet, and the views were spectacular. 

+ We checked in and were welcomed with champagne and chocolates as a special anniversary surprise -- a great touch! 

+ We took advantage of the amazing weather and went to the pool for a bit. 

+ We had plans to go out for dinner, but we were so tired that we grabbed dinner at one of the hotel restaurants, Alto. We shared the arancini, Brandon got the gnocchi and I got the filet mignon. It was good! 

+ That night we were totally and completely zonked and just enjoyed sleeping and not having to wake up to any alarm clocks -- or kiddos running in with their alarm clock yelling, "It's green! It's green!" ;) 


+ We had a delicious breakfast at Arcadia Farms CafĂ©, which was so cute, so intimate and absolutely delicious. Everything on the menu uses locally grown ingredients, which we both thought was neat. The service was a bit spotty, but the food was so delicious! We both had coffee and a mimosa, and then I ordered the wild mushroom and chive omelet with goat cheese and fresh herbs, and Brandon ordered the black bean omelet with avocado, roasted peppers and goat cheese. 

+ After breakfast, we hiked the Cholla Trail at Camelback Mountain! The views at the top were unbelievable. So beautiful! (And yes, it was totally harder than it looks!) 

+ We headed back to our resort for a couple's massage and a facial at Spa Avania, which were heavenly. Absolutely divine! It was so nice to relax for a couple of hours and be pampered. We loved it! The spa was so pretty and the staff couldn't have been better, and I'd venture to say it was probably the best spa I've ever been to. 

+ After our spa, we went to dinner at FnB, mother locally-sourced restaurant with a menu that changes seasonally -- sometimes daily! We had a yummy falafel starter, then I ordered a delicious chicken dish and a glass of local wine and Brandon had an awesome pork dish, as well as a local cider. It was a great atmosphere, too. 


+ We got up super early to head to the airport for an early flight home to our babies! It was so good to get away, but of course, so good to see those precious boys. Thankfully, Brandon took off on Monday and we had some family time that day, too. 

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Weekending: Scottsdale Style

We are back from a wonderful, quick weekend away to Scottsdale to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary. This time of the year is so busy, so two nights away was all we were able to do, but it was still so worth it to get away and get to spend some much-needed time together. We ate delicious food, relaxed at the spa and did some fun outings. 

I'll be posting some more details and photos from our trip on Wednesday, so stay tuned for that. 

I hope y'all have a wonderful Monday! 

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday Favorites

It's Fridayyyy! 

We're off to Scottsdale this morning for a quick weekend away to celebrate our anniversary. We truly don't have much on our agenda other than the spa, climbing Camelback Mountain, eating and sleeping -- lots of sleeping. #parenting 

But I'm thrilled for a few days away with Brandon to celebrate marriage and to spend some uninterrupted time together. 

One of my favorite places is Trader Joe's. I took the boys last week and we picked up some fun things that I wanted to share: pumpkins (of course!), gouda goat cheese, little personal cheese pizzas for the boys, wine (of course), Cookie Butter cookies (delicious) and Butternut Squash "Parmesan." My boys also love their Honey Nut O's and Gorilla Munch cereal and Walker's personal favorite are the "Walker" brand shortbread cookies. 

What are some other must-haves at TJ's? 

Earlier this week, I shared my mother-in-law's "faux made" chicken pot pie. It's so easy, so delicious and so filling! She gave me the recipe right after we got married, as it's one of Brandon's favorites, and I love making it in the fall and winter. It's by no means pretty, but it sure is yummy. Click here to view the recipe! 

I took Walker on a little Mommy/Son date on Sunday afternoon. We went to get some ice cream, and it was such a fun time spending some one-on-one time with my biggest little guy. I loved hearing all about his favorite part of the day (getting ice cream), why he liked gummy bears in his ice cream ("Because they taste like my vitamins!") and what he learned in church that day ("Jesus died on the cross for our sins so we don't have to."). 

When we got home, Brandon kissed me. Walker practically yelled, "Daddy! Hey! You can't do that! Stop! Stop kissin' Mama! WE WERE ON A DATE!" 

I just died laughing, but I also thought that was so sweet. 

This post. SO MUCH YES in this post. "My kids are not an inconvenience (for you)." I mean, honestly. I loved it so much. Please read it if you have a few minutes. 

"Kids are a normal part of society; it’s always been that way. You are not actually entitled to a child-free life. Sorry, not sorry. You don’t have to have them yourself, and you can go to as many adult-only things as possible, but you don’t get to expect that we are going to keep kids out of your way in the world we all share: parks, sidewalks, grocery stores, restaurants (yes, I take my kids to restaurants and I won’t apologize), the beach, airplanes…etc."


Have great weekends, friends! 

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Thoughts for Thursday: Coffee Talk

If we were sitting down having coffee together this morning, there would be a lot we'd chat about. A few things: 

|| Leaving for vacation sans kids is absolutely amazing. I'm looking forward to it immensely and I'm thankful we are getting to get away. But, why is it seriously such a job to prepare to leave your kids?! My mom is graciously coming in to watch the boys (while my mother-in-law fills in a couple gaps), but just getting schedules written, medical consents signed and notarized, clothes and pajamas laid out, laundry done and put away, meals made so they'll have dinner to eat, sheets washed, house cleaned, etc. I've been working on this stuff all week and I'm seriously worn out! Add onto that that my husband has been traveling on business since Monday and my gracious, I've just been wearing lots of hats over here. I know that sounds ungrateful -- and I'm thrilled to be able to get away -- but man, it's just a lot of work to actually get away when you have littles. ;)

|| The weather here was 96* on Monday, and now it's in the 70s. Texas weather is totally and completely bi-polar. I never know how to dress my kids -- or myself -- in the "fall" here! 

|| "A Bad Moms Christmas" actually looks quite hilarious. Just the preview had me cracking up, so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing that around the holidays for a good laugh. ;) 

|| I've been really bad about working out lately and not caring about what I eat, and it's really been showing up around my waistline. I have gotten back into doing my morning arm workout and evening ab workout and it feels so much better. I'm also going to look into a group workout class when Knox starts school in January. He and Walker will be at school together one day a week, so I'll have a few hours to myself to workout, clean the house, etc. 

|| Before I became a mom, I thought I totally had it all figured out in the mothering department. (As does every person without children at first, but man, that whole parenting thing really can kick you back down to reality.) But can I just say it? All moms -- regardless of whether you work full-time, part-time, stay at home, or a combination of those -- are superstars. We carry so much weight on our shoulders -- so much more than I ever knew before I became a mom -- and I just want to say: if no one's told you yet today, you're a rockstar. 

|| I promised y'all an update on RapidLash and well, I'm obsessed. Completely and utterly obsessed! It has really helped make my lashes noticeably long and one tube has lasted me three months (with daily use). I've also not had any eye sensitivity with it, nor any dryness on my eyelids. I'm sold! 

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

What's Hap-pinning Wednesday: Easy "Fauxmade" Chicken Pot Pie

My mother-in-law is a great cook. She's from Mississippi and her specialty are good old fashioned southern dishes: Vidalia Onion Casserole, scalloped tomatoes, squash casserole...and "fauxmade" chicken pot pie. Brandon grew up eating this and loved it, and so when she gave me the recipe shortly after we married, I knew I had to make it. It's so easy, so delicious and so filling, and it's just perfect for the fall and winter. It's by no means pretty, but it sure is yummy. 

Chicken Pot Pie

1 package Pillsbury Pie Crusts (Open pie crusts and leave out 10 minutes before use to make easier to handle) 
1 can Veg-All, drained
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 can cream of potato soup 
1 (8 oz.) carton sour cream 
3-4 chicken breasts, cooked and shredded (Can also use pre-cooked, pre-shredded chicken if your grocery store sells it) 
Dash of pepper 

1. If using raw chicken breasts, boil for 30-45 minutes. Remove from water and shred using a hand mixer. 
2. Preheat oven to 350* F. 
3. Spray a deep dish pie plate with Pam. Spread one crust in the bottom of the pie plate. Fold edges down to be even with the top of the pie plate. 
4. Mixed cooked chicken, soups and sour cream together. Add pepper. Fold in Veg-All and pour into pie plate. (I have also been adding a few dashes of celery and garlic salts into this mixture before pouring into the pie plate.) 
5. Take remaining pie crust and lay it over filling. Fold sides to meet with other crust and pinch together to seal. Take a fork and crimp the edges of the crust, and also use a fork to make a few vent holes in the top. 
6. Bake at 350* F for 30 minutes or until the top crust is browned. 

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