Friday, October 19, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, y'all. Whew, I have not longed for a Friday to get here like I have this week. Both boys had croup; it was rainy and cold all week (seriously, I'm about to build an ark); and Brandon was out of town Monday morning - Thursday night. I am just so glad for the weekend! 

Here are some of my favorites this week: 

Smile Brilliant. The company reached out to me about trying their custom-fitted whitening tray system, and since I had recently finished Invisalign, I was totally onboard with "finishing" my smile with whitening. Since I had a bridge for so long, I couldn't whiten like I wanted to, because it would whiten all of my real teeth and the bridge would stay the same color. When I got my Invisalign done, I did white strips to whiten my teeth before the new bridge was put in, and my dentist did a better tooth color match this time around (and updated the bridge material), but I just got busy (as moms of two- and four-year-old boys tend to do) and I stopped whitening my teeth post-Invisalign. And I could tell. Between not using any other whitening product except whitening toothpaste and drinking my beloved wine and coffee, I noticed a difference in the color of my teeth. 

So, this came at a great time. Smile Brilliant sent me their T3 sensitive whitening kit, which came with everything I needed to make my own impressions for my custom trays, nine whitening applications and nine desensitizing applications.  

I took my "before" shot, which was honestly pretty humbling. 

And then I made my molds for my trays at home following their detailed instructions. I have a super sensitive gag reflex, so making my top tray mold made me gag and totally reminded me of doing the molds for braces oh-so-many years ago, but the bottom didn't bother me at all. I sent them off to Smile Brilliant and awaited my custom trays. 

I got those in the mail in a little case and got to work! 

It was a really easy process and I didn't experience any sensitivity with it at all. It was really easy to put them in once the boys went to bed and I kept them in while I washed my face and got ready for bed. 

I'm on day three and I can already tell a difference! I'll be coming back next Friday to share my full results. I can't wait to show y'all! 

We are slowly making updates to our house, and even though we did this with our former home, I forget how long it takes -- and how expensive it becomes. So, one thing at a time. We took off our yucky faux-wooden blinds our former homeowners had installed in our living room and breakfast area; they had big dogs and half of these blinds were chewed up, taped with Scotch tape and yellowed. Gross. 

And while I love the natural light, it's just weird to not have anything there at night. So, after a bunch of research, I ordered the Classic Light Filtering Roman Shades in linen from SelectBlinds and can't wait to get them in! They were offering 45% off plus $50 off your first order and free shipping, so I couldn't turn that down. 

Who else is excited about the newest Royal Baby news?! I was a little shocked at how quickly it happened, but to each his own. ;) My guess is a boy and that his name will be Philip. But, if it's a girl, my bets are on Alice, Victoria or Elizabeth. While Meghan is a U.S. citizen (but working on her British citizenship), I think they'll go for a traditional royal/British name since I feel like the British Royal Family has a bit of pull. And, I think the Queen will issue letters patent to ensure this child (and any of Harry and Meghan's future children) are granted the HRH style and "Prince" or "Princess" titles. 

Old Navy was recently having a major sale on their jeans, so I scooped up two pairs of their Rockstar jeans -- they're my favorite! 

I got these for $30 (regularly $39.99)...

And these for $24.49 (regularly $34.99) using the code "ENJOY" (30% off any amount). 

When we stayed at my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's house over the weekend, it reminded me of a few things we needed for our guest room. I'm on the hunt for the perfect console table (our guest room is really small), the perfect comfy chair, and the perfect blush-colored coverlet to put at the end of the bed. But, I did find this topiary and this ring dish for the room. Priorities, right?! ;) 

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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

What's Hap-pinning Wednesday: Pumpkin Patching

Happy Wednesday! 

The weather here in North Texas has finally become fall-like, and I'm loving every second of it. We are enjoying lunches and dinners on the patio (all the praise hands for no more mosquitoes!), I love sitting out there and getting some work done while the boys nap, and family walks have become a routine again. I love when the heat and humidity finally go away. 

Anyway, each fall, one of our family traditions is to visit the pumpkin patch. We have gone to the same one since Walker was a baby and it makes me so nostalgic to look back at pictures of the boys in the pumpkins and each year I'm just shocked how much they grow. 

Here's a look back at our pumpkin patches of the past: 






Some of our other fall traditions include: carving a jack-o-lantern, going trick-or-treating, and having potato soup for supper on Halloween night. What are some of your fall traditions? 

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Monday, October 15, 2018


Happy Monday! 

We got an insane cold snap (to us Texans) overnight and we are barely getting out of the 40's until the end of this week. So we spent yesterday making sure our heaters and fire place both worked. Crazy Texas weather! 

We went down to Waco on Friday evening when Brandon got home from work. His brother and our sister-in-law live there, and it was our niece's fifth birthday party. So, we drove down in the pouring rain, spent the night at their house, had breakfast with my brother (who is a Baylor student), then went to the party. We drove home in tornado warnings and lots of rain; I was never so excited to pull into our driveway as I was Saturday afternoon! Sunday morning I was with Knox at urgent care, as he developed a bad croup-y cough Saturday night and was, in fact, diagnosed with croup and given an oral steroid. So, our Sunday was really low-key as we dealt with that, and Brandon got a bunch done outside and inside the house in preparation for this crazy rainy/cold weather we're having this week. 

So, here are the pictures from our weekend: 

+ Trying on part of his Halloween costume before we left: 

+ Saturday mornings are more fun when you get to wake up in Waco and with your cousins!

+ We had breakfast at Milo with my brother. He and Brandon got the chicken and waffles, I got a yummy ham biscuit, the boys split a cinnamon roll and scrambled eggs, and the adults shared a mimosa carafe. It was so delicious! 

+ We went a few blocks down to Magnolia (with everyone else -- ahh!). But the grounds were beautifully decorated for autumn. 

This is my Walmart shirt

+ We then went to our niece's party at Poppa Rollo's (which totally took us back to college!): 

I hope y'all have great weeks! 

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Friday, October 12, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! 

Monday was rainy and gross and just a day that called for hanging out at the house, so one fun thing we did was make our own crayons! When I was coloring with the boys, I noticed we had a lot of broken crayons, so instead of throwing them away, we reused them in a fun way. 

Here's what we did: 
+ Removed the outer paper wrapper from each broken crayon 
+ Broke them into smaller pieces (or kept them tiny if they already were) 
+ Sorted them by color into groups 
+ Preheated the oven to 250*
+ Lined a muffin tin with silicone muffin liners and placed the broken crayons in each cup 
+ Baked for 15 minutes 
+ Let them cool, popped them out and colored with them! 

Super easy and a fun project for the kids. 

Here's our before. We sorted the colors into the corresponding muffin liner color (except for black and brown, I didn't have those!) and popped them in the oven. 

Here's what they look like when they come out of the oven: 

And here's how they look popped out of the muffin liners: 

Brandon celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary on Tuesday! We had a lovely dinner at Bob's Steakhouse and enjoyed being out on a "school night," even though it was the rainiest day/evening ever, it was still so fun. The meal was delicious and I loved getting to spend some one-on-one time with Brandon. I wore this top to dinner; it was so comfortable! 

And a little peek back at our wedding day: 

Two new Amazon purchases I'm loving lately include these two tops: this one and this one. (And I promise to get a picture of myself in them soon -- we've just been rushing out the door to get everywhere this week.) 

This top runs big (I ordered a small and it's perfect), but be sure to not wash it with anything else the first time if you get the navy, as it bleeds after the first wash. I loved the $18.99 price tag! 

This one is a complete dupe of the one I got at Walmart (picture of me wearing the green version in this post) and I couldn't believe it! I ordered a medium in this top because I wanted a looser feel and it delivers. It's easy to wash and is only $17.99! 

A mousse I've really been loving lately is this one from Target that I picked up on a whim recently. It smells amazing and I really notice a difference in volume in my hair when I use it -- just know that a little goes a long way! I couple it with this root lift and voilá: big Texas hair. ;) 

If you missed it, I shared a guide on Wednesday for our favorite activities in DFW with kiddos. You can read that post out here. Whether you're local or traveling to the Dallas-Fort Worth area with your kids, check it out! 

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